Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sound of Colors, Singleton Hippie Art

I wandered in
cowboy booted and free,
natty little threadbear wings tucked in a blue jean pocket,
crumpled and folded,
and loved....

And smiled hugely at the martini moon,
already drunk,
and plunked on his side,
teeter tottering in the sky...

I giggled to myself,
the best company in the bar,
and parked my
peace~love hoo~hah
next to
a man who didn't want to be there
didn't see what I saw...

The Pixies....

And the Moon when he winked,
woozy and boozy,
and barely tethered to the sky....

The man who didn't dream in color....

Words and Art (c) Hippie Singleton 2009
8 x 10 black and white sharpies on cardstock because sometimes we have to fill in the color later

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sometimes it's all we Need, Singleton Hippie Art

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2009
I woke up this morning
to the cool
damp sounds of a new day
lazily nudging me hello...
And in the distance,
a sun rising
to remind me...
all we need
is Love
A little hippie peace~love for you, 5 x 7 doodles of markers, colored pencils, ink

Friday, November 06, 2009

Sometimes I'm All I have, Singleton Hippie Art

Sometimes I'm all I have
(C) Singleton 2009

Crouched in the corner,
I'm alone...

in everday darkness.

Heaps of yesterday's clothes,
flopped like lazy monsters on the floor,
and laugh at me...
Their colors
their memories banging
on my brain
until all I can hear is a
it's a guitar string

Colored pencils, markers, ink on a page from Dancing on My Grave. Portrait of a friend with the Blues.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Peace doesn't have to be a Fairytale, Singleton Hippie Art

Peace doesn't have to be a Fairytale
(c) Singleton

I turn the gilded pages,
tattered diary with the hippie swirls
and gothic font,
and read the
everyday ho-hum story of my life.

In between the sharpie doodles,
the I-love-you's,
the make believe endings,
little heartaches
scamper like winter mice,
their skinny little tails
swishing past the punch lines.

I touch the pages
and see the little windows to peace...
the moments,
buried like the prize at the bottomof the cracker jack box,
where in the midst of chaos,
peace fell...
an abandoned tu-tu on the stage floor....

Peace doesn't have to be a fairytale...
if you leave the windows open....

Words and Artwork (C) Singleton

Colored Pencils, markers, ink on a whistful Friday...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cat under a Blue Rubber Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Cat Under a Blue Rubber Moon
(c) Singleton 2009

In the tall blue grass,
I saw it first,
the colors of the forest...

a black and yellow butterfly
flitting from
bent blade to tufts of green...
and then it disappeared...

The night has eyes in every color
and I watched that same patch of grass in the sands...
it watched me back...
And the butterfly grew
long arms
and legs,
wild and lazy,
and stretched
under the light of the blue rubber moon....

Words and artwork (c) Singleton 11 x 15 original on Strathmore heavyweight Coldpress paper. Colored pencils, markers, ink inspired by Jetflair's cat and a little vision out my back door.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blue Henna Hand, Singleton Hippie Art

Blue Henna Hand
(C) Singleton 2009

I looked down
and traced a thousand
spider web
the tell-tale
broken lines of
every highway I've ever
wandered down,
the faint perfumed stain of
every weed I've plucked
from the garden
and embraced until it
was a Morning Glory...
the rambling
story of my life,
etched forever
on my blue,
blue hands...

I'm Old now.
And I'm thankful

12 x 12 collage with markers, colored pencils, sharpie and odd papers on a Saturday morning reflection.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Lonely Flower

The Lonely Flower
(C) Singleton 2009

With her sun~puckered lips,
and weedy little legs,
she teetered above
the garden of little ones at her feet.

And she cried.

One by one,
the others were whisked up
by young lovers....
"He loves me, he loves me not",
bundled into little bouquets for Hallmark Holidays and after thoughts,
plucked up by
chubby little fingers
and embraced for their afternoon perfume.

But not her,
The Lonely little Flower,
she stood here day after day,
growing taller and older,
her hair a natty mess of twigs and pine-needles,
her petals, all but picked clean,
by the pitter patter of little feet landing on her colors....
her world was with the flying, the humming, the crawling,
the clouds....
And she cried...
Chubby little lop-sided cheeks quivering,
until The Sun Kissed her again
and pointed to the
nursery at her feet...

Her tears,
a fountain for the seedlings,
brought back by feathered friends
to grow here, learn here, beneath her umbrella...

Love grows....

Colored markers, pencils, ink on Cardstock. From the hippie garden, with peace and love.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The words keep coming....through the looking glass

Hmmmm. They didn’t start out prophetic. They started out as reflections. Little midnight doodlings. Obsessive Saturday night scribblings. To save my mind. To keep me breathing, in and out. Deep breaths. Manic pencil strokes that rescued me from the moment.

I usually paint on the walls. The never ending, snaking ,growing taller walls that house my soul.

And then, Joe died. And the clipboard with the stupid cardstock paper and the world from the living room window suddenly became the only way out. Thoughts just started flying by… zipping by actually, like Dorothy’s view from her cruddy ole Kansas window. And so….there were pictures of this thought, and that moment , and God knows what, stacked up half dressed and half drawn on the coffee table. Lined up like soldiers, they patiently waited for the moment that the color, the meaning, the why of it all, would make sense.

I’m touring now. Visiting my own pages. Meeting the spirits , the kinfolk, the paper pages of the last few months. Funny. I recognize them all. Their familiarity is family. But if I had known then, what I know now, I might have changed some of their names.

Peace, love and the future is a spooky little thing.

I found this at the very back of my blog today, stumbled on it accidently....And knowing what I know now, had to repost it....May the circle be unbroken...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Girl who had only been Kissed by the Sun

The Girl who had Only been Kissed by the Sun
(c) Singleton 2009

And there she was
all legs and sun freckled arms,
Eyes heavy with Morning dreams
and 99 cent Mascara from the night before,
She met him.

Not for the first time,
or even the hundreth,
but the only time
that she
noticed his smile...
the way he looked at her
puddled eyes peeking through vertical blinds...

And suddenly,
The Girl who had only been Kissed by the Sun,

for him...
For the kiss that would wake her

and take her...

9 x 12 watercolors, markers, glitters, ink and make-up from an old worn compact. Painted on a "The Hippies are having Sabotical" Saturday afternoon....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, I'm Feeling Blue

I'm Feeling Blue
(c) Singleton 2009

Ticker tape words blah-blah-blahing...
like chicken scratch...
the over and over and over again
hum drum sound of
everyday noise
made out to be something
and Grand....

I'm bored with it all...
and feeling blue...

Sharpie and colored pencils scribbled on the first page I opened in "Dancing on my Grave".... torn out and scribbled in a moment of blues....

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, Her Name is Love

Her Name is Love
(c) Singleton 2009

They glanced down,
quietly barefooting around me,
a parade of strangers passing the motel door,
and every now and then
someone would whisper,
a butterfly talking to the wind,
"What's her name?"

And I would smile and say "Love"....
the colors spilling and splashing,
lines going up and down
in lazy circles with the sounds of
the sea,
and laughter,
and sudden commotion....

Everyone thought I was drawing
in make-believe,
but I wasn't....

I was coloring the face in the
cool blue Ocean puddle....
the mermaid in the bottomless mirror....

And her name is Love....

8 1/2 by 11. Colored pencils, markers and ink on salty cardstock.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making up with the Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Making up with The Moon
(C) Singleton 2009

I danced barefooted
in the blue green tidal pool...
a make believe paisley water garden,
salty and cool..
And waved good~bye to
The Ocean.

She was
running off to meet Eternity,
her giant seafoam petticoat dragging the sand...
trinkets and treasures tumbling from her

A love affair that never ended....

And then I felt you...
there in the night....
in the damp seaside breeze...
saw you in the face of the Moon...

God, I love fairytales....

Artwork 8 1/2 by 11.Colored markers, pencils, ink and memories from hippie beach on cardstock.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, Make Believe

Make Believe
(c) Singleton 2009

And there, in our technicolor
imaginations, we
painted a Fairytale...

the story
on blue lined paper,
bathroom walls
and cocktail napkins...
And sprinkled them
in the wind,
a paper trail of words...
cookie crumbs for the curious
or the non believers...
I imagine
your smile now...
your head tossed back
in accidental
delicious laughter,
as you read the Ending...
a single word...
Standing lonely guard on the empty page...
11 x 15 watercolors, markers, ink and all that hippie hoo~hah on Strathmore cold press paper.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Girl with The Swirl

The Girl with The Swirl
(c) Singleton 2009

And in the morning....
Long before sunrise,
wide eyes
and the scratchy sound
of the Morning News
wakes the world,
She's a Mermaid....

Finger painting little "I love you"s...
in the sand...
Splashing in paisley colored tidal pools...
gathering periwinkles for hide and sink,
Etch~a~sketching tatted lace
from the footprints of
tiny sideways crabs
and Seagulls on parade...

The Girl with The Swirl...

9 x 12 Watercolor with colored pencils, markers and sharpies. Because I believe in the Ocean. And in 10 days, she'll believe in me again...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Story Teller

The Storyteller
(c) Singleton 2009

I lifted the tattered
folded, unfolded,
a thousand times
in this life,
and touched the faded
ran my fingers over
the colors
as soft

Three tables away
I saw the blue, blue eyes
come to life...
a firefly flickering...

And then when
he ambled over,
leaned over me,
making sun shadows
with skinny arms and legs...

I started the game...

"Tell Me a story"....

Tiny little fortune teller...A tribute to all the stories we've told, the laughter we've shared, the choices we've made....Mine is over 20 years old...sea swept and faded. This one is bright and shiney and new...Just waiting for the stories to bring it to life. Here's to the summer of Love....and Hippie Beach...I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Crying Moon

(c) Singleton
The Crying Moon

"She sat sky high
in the paisley colored night,

and a zillion miles
under her tattered lace petticoat,
rhinestone stars twinkling...

the world danced.

Silly little stick people..."

Watercolors, pencils, ink, markers on 9 x 12 Strathmore paper...A little hippe hoo~hah whipped up the morning after the full, full moon....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Whisper

(c) Singleton 2009

The Whisper

He whispered to me
from a ghost town,
pale blue voice
in the wind...

And on the wings
of every butterflythat passes,
every breeze that
plays woodland music outside my kitchen window,
I hear him still...."

Vinyl LP reincarnated to send the message round and round and round....Altered archival print of The Eternity Angel embellished with the psychedelic colors of Peace...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Psychedelic Sea, The Original

Psychedelic Sea

(C) Singleton 2009

He followed the sound,
guitar strings and tambourines,
southern voices in the wind...
knowing that
there in the nightcrowd
he would find me,
barefooted and gypsy dressed,
dancing in the ocean spray...

Full moons,
martini moons,
and a gazillion empty moons
have passed...

And I go
there still...
a mermaid ghost...
dancing on the dunes,
at the edge
psychedelic sea....

And in the wind,
I hear him laughing...


Remembering what it was like
to be

11 by 15 original on heavyweight Strathmore watercolor cold press. Watercolors, Acrylics, colored pencils and Ink...The tattered peace sign was drawn, crumpled, and abandoned on the porch for months before being rescued to rest like a hurricane in the center of this picture. The mermaid was born of another thought, another memory, a dream...that was never finished, and probably never will be, so she's come back to visit the sea. Letters were lifted from an old magazine. Together, they make the Psychedelic Sea...A collage, of sorts.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hippie Singleton Art, Peace~Let it Shine

Peace, Let it Shine
(C) Singleton 2009

the light early morning
glitter of a lazy
her wispy golden arms
blonde locks cascading upward,
caught in the sudden
static electricity of a new day...

Peace rises...
And while the night
rolls over,
covers his head
with the thick
warm blanket of yesterday,
I salute the sun

and embrace the second chance
today brings...

Original hippie mandala, a tribute to the Sun and the power of hope....Colored markers, pencils, sharpie on archival heavy weight paper. Drawn, colored and collaged onto a vintage vinyl LP...The Doors~Waiting for the Sun. 12 inches across, 12 inches high

Friday, April 17, 2009

Self Portrait in the Waves, Singleton Hippie Art

Self Portrait
in the Waves
(c) Singleton

face first,
knees scraping,
drowning in ice cold foam,
green beer bottles

and then the Sun...
Upside down
and warm,
just a little deeper...
past the cold acqua skies...

and it's raining somewhere,
I'm drenched....

to the bottom....
ribbons of fluorescent seawood
tangling in my hair,
spaghetti soft...and dancing...

my chin scrapes the sand...
and blue toes scrunch into
the soggy face of a drunken sunset
and push...

Up, up, up...

"Don't breathe until you hear the waves"....

A psychedelic memory on 9 x 12 cold press watercolor paper....I've almost drowned a gazillion water, love, Michelob lights, Friday nights, debt, the dark dark places of my mind...and everytime, on Angel's wings....I've pushed off from the bottom...
Clink! To now, and next time, and the ageless reflection of the hippie at the bottom....dancing until it's time to come up for air...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Prayers for Pixies, Singleton Hippie Art

Prayers for Pixies
(c) Singleton 2009

I heard the morning breeze
like sheets blowing in the wind,
and the sun raised her spindly arms up
over her head and stretched....
lazy,but ready to touch the sky....

And there she was...
Hidden in the kudzu vines and the fallen oaks,
Wide eyed and cheeks flushed with blueberry blush...
the little woodland pixie
I always knew existed,
but perhaps only in my heart.

She stared at me ,
and held her place,
crouched amongst the wet leaves...

And I smiled at her....
in her tattered dress,
remnants of black fishnet hose
that disappeared in the night...

And she whispered to me....
barely above a breath..


8 1/2 by 11 colored pencils, markers, ink on paper reclaimed from another day. May we all believe in the little hippie spirit, the hidden whimsy of accidental peace, the secret to stirring up the every day mundane and making magic out of nothing.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Little White Lies, Singleton Hippie Art

Little White Lies
(c) Singleton 2009

Standing over me
like an aging rock star,
wearing his crystal blue eyes like
he muttered
"Silly little girl
with all your peace~love hoo~hah,
who do you think believes you?"

And I never lifted my head,
never let go of the colors,
the lines,
the flow...
Never let go of the spirit...

"I do"....

Drawn on reclaimed cardstock....colored markers, pencils, ink, peace, love, and yesterday.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moody little Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Moody Little Moon
(C) Singleton

Hanging out on top of my world,

The many faces of the night changing...."

Colored markers, pencils, ink on Cardstock....
Sometimes peace is found in the midst of chaos....
And sometimes you just have to be a hippie to believe....

Listening, waiting for les frivolites to answer....I peace and love and people....
And the spirit of the ocean....
and honesty....
Every now and then I'll throw away pennies, toss them silly in a wishing pond....
31,000 pennies later....
And we don't have our barefoot boots......

But still.... I believe.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

'Ready For Love' Faerie Skirt

A Whimsical Parade of hand-me-down chokers
and midnight bets,
Spitting out sweet reminders...

Tucked ,

I know...
that I really don't know
everything that there is to know...

Traipsing away from a field of free wishes,
losing sight and sound and along the way,
losing all the fears that keep so many tethered here


Spinning, weaving, sewing threads of my own
Tethering myself to where I want to be...

Faerie Skirt Available Now

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Girl who left in Peace, Singleton Hippie Art

The Girl who left in Peace
(C) Singleton 2009

And there she was,
the face behind
the musty, dusty
looking out...
and kissing
with two fingers up
and lips pursed,
cantelope orange....

She was glad to go...

wrists warmed by
close calls
and wrapped in late night fingerless crochet...

Glad to leave in peace....

10 by 12 original collage. Five archival prints of orignal work combined into the The Girl who Left in Peace. Totally one of a kind, she was born of a Sunday afternoon and the wild remembrances of leaving.....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sister Love, Singleton Hippie Art

Sister Love
(c) Singleton 2009

Black haired baby
standing up in an
old wooden crib,
banging spoons on
the rail....
Manic music to my soul...

And I tiptoe down the
empty hall
and peek
at the
round little face...
My own...
ten years later...

And I knew then,
what I know now....

Sister Love....

Little hippie yet to be,
knee high to my raggedy levi's....
holding my hand
and waving at butterflies
with the other...
stuffing marigolds in her pockets,
collecting faerie gold.....

And suddenly
we're old
and every year between us

And tomorrow
is the psychedelic butterfly...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Peace is a Vintage Dress, Singleton Hippie Art

(C) Singleton 2009

It was the light from the stairway
dancing in smokey shadows....
long arms reaching out and touching
each and every garment there....
rattling old metal coat hangers....
Making me Look....

And there in the attic,I found her....
A thousand memories old...
the dress she loved in.....
perfectly pressed between the cornflower blue shirt
and the musky old trenchcoat of a stranger...
And when my eyes and the light were one...
I knew...

This was the dress I would wear...
barefooted at the ocean's edge,
in cowboy boots to our pretend Saloon...
This was the dress
I would wear
in my dreams.......

Watercolors, markers and Ink on a love~worn Sunday.....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Psychedelic Sunrise, Singleton Hippie Art

(c) Singleton 2009

A technicolor night
draped in never seen before colors...
Magic laughter,
the new music,
playing to our souls...

And in the morning,


a psychedelic sunrise...
painted on a Universal sky

11 by 11 collage on cardstock. Skyground is swirls of watercolors and markers, sunrise face markers and ink, cheeks are snippets of abandoned original work. Sunrays are collaged from prints of original hippie art work.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Change, Singleton Hippie Art 2009

Obama for Peace
(c) Singleton 2009

"And there was a noise,
a whisperin' the wind,

and it grew
and grew
and grew...

Until it could be heard...

The Change...."

Colored markers, pencils, sharpies and the belief that Change is

Peace and Love....

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Moon in her Arms, Singleton Hippie Art 2009

(c) Singleton 2009

She wooed him,
cooed him,
reached out to him
with long ballet fingers,
butterflies to his latenight soul...
And he went to her,
basked in her warmth...
and found himself at home....

At the wrong time,
in the wrong place ,
in her arms
Accidently in peace...

11 by 11 on mat board. Food coloring and shaving cream, colored markers, pens, and pencils. Watercolors. Peace and Love, Hippie Art from a Saturday morning memory.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Someone painted the Sun, Singleton Hippie Art

(C) Singleton 2008

"She pouted.
Rolled over in the sky
and wallowed
in the blueness.

Someone painted the Sun,
and the clouds
were all pointing at her,
as they whispered by,
dressed in cotton candy colors.

I stood on the ground and
watched as
she fretted,
started to cry....
Someone grafittied the Sun
and she didn't know why...

Her tears ran blue and
and green...
psychedelic swirls
of neon rain...

"They've painted you Peace",
I hollered to her....

And slowly she smiled....
Silly little Sun with the Promise painted on her face.....

11 by 11 on matboard. Watercolors, markers, tempera, ink, shaving cream, food colors, peace and love.