Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sound of Colors, Singleton Hippie Art

I wandered in
cowboy booted and free,
natty little threadbear wings tucked in a blue jean pocket,
crumpled and folded,
and loved....

And smiled hugely at the martini moon,
already drunk,
and plunked on his side,
teeter tottering in the sky...

I giggled to myself,
the best company in the bar,
and parked my
peace~love hoo~hah
next to
a man who didn't want to be there
didn't see what I saw...

The Pixies....

And the Moon when he winked,
woozy and boozy,
and barely tethered to the sky....

The man who didn't dream in color....

Words and Art (c) Hippie Singleton 2009
8 x 10 black and white sharpies on cardstock because sometimes we have to fill in the color later