Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Tinker Man Bells, Singleton Hippie Art Backpack

"I know where I'm going,
 I wander freely, and watch for little trip~me~ups along the way,
but it's the spirit of the Tinker Man,
with all his magic,
keeping a safe eye,

all behind me....

With His little bag of sticks and stones,
clickety clackity Karma,
he's there...
while I dance in the dirt,
laugh in the Moonshine,
Sing with the Serpents...
He's there
in the shadows

And I wander on...."

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2012

A tea dyed cotton backpack embellished with a little hand painted peace~love patch and the All-seeing-eye, a Tribute to the Tinker Man....And the magic sound of bells in the wind:)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Over My Blue Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Over My Blue Moon
Singleton Hippie Art

I looked over your shoulder,

past your drunken rheumy brown eyes and
into the deep sea of the night time sky....

and there...
just over the Tip~toe Tree,

I saw it beginning to show,
to glow,
to grow....

The First Full Moon....
The Sturgeon Moon....

so Bright and incandescent and foolish
that it wore a petticoat of Goldshine
as it teeterd in the sky,
as wobbly on the skyline as you were on cheap wine and all my stories.....

And we laughed...

And embraced the wildness of our first full moon,
the one before the meteor showers.....
the one before the Blue, Blue Moon of Once Upon a Time...

Artwork and words (c) Singleton 2012

Created with peace, love, and a hangover....on the morning after the stars fell at the feet of the first full moon.....

Friday, August 03, 2012

The Psychedelic Forest, Singleton and Singleton Hippie Flash Art

The Psychedelic Forest
(c) Singleton and Singleton

"We camped on the Banks of the River,

Nesting under a Full Moon that
rolled over into the morning ,
an open armed Sunrise....

Night eyes watched our every move,
listened to our laughter,
  windchimes in the dark,

and waited....
for our breathing
to fall into quiet rhythm with the water....

Waited for us to sleep.....

To dream.....

And then they danced around us....
Faeries and Things that go Boo! in the night....

Wild ones, and winged ones,
and Spirits from before....

In the Psychedelic Forest......"

Words (c) Singleton
Artwork (c) Singleton and Singleton

9 x 12 Original on 140 lb Coldpress paper. This little baby is an awesome collaboration between myself and my son. Water colors, markers, ballpoint pen, colored pencils in a frenzy of style.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Tribal Heart, Hippie Singleton, Spirit Shaker


My Tribal Heart
Hippie Singleton, Spirit Shaker
"We went deep,
deeper into the woods
until the smell of the earth,
the dirt...
was as cool
and damp
and delicious
chocolate cake.....

until the sky was feather painted through a thousand
cracks in the canopy of green overhead...

And there we pitched our tents....
to Wait...."

Words and Works (c) Singleton

Made from the cured branches of a crepe myrtle, this little wish bone shaped shaker is adorned with a mighty collection of created, found and collected items....Meant to be cherished be added to in bits and pieces ....And to be smiled on...when little trinkets fall off and join the party of happenstance wherever they land.....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Psychedelic Promise, Singleton Hippie Art

The Psychedelic Promise
(c) Singleton 2012 word and Artwork

"I teetered...

quietly leaning into the white tunnel...
pretending I was only tripping....
and just before I crossed over
into the Peaceful arms of
the whiteness....

I remembered the colors....
the sounds,
the smells,
the laughter of Life
and I remembered I wasn't finished....

Not yet.....

And I fell back,
fell foward
the new now,
landing smack into the eye of the storm,
into the littered aftermath of the beginning,
and the quiet lull before the end still to come...

Fell quietly into your arms,
the psychedelic promise...."

111x 15" Psychedelic tribute to the Circle of Life:)  Watercolors, markers and peace and love....

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Imagine, Singleton Hippie Art Original

(C) Singleton
A Hippe Art Box of Thoughts....

I reached down and scooped up
tiny abandoned periwinkle shells,
the colors of pastel rainbows,
and buried them deep into my pockets....
Seaweed, a deep forest green,
wrapped itself around my ankles,
an impromptu braided bracelet from the tides....
I knew
I was in Love again....
With all my forgotten Dreams,
my lost imagination......

And I knew then,
I would Dance again"

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Psychedelic Bird Nest, Singleton Hippie Art Original

The Psychedelic Bird Nest
(c) Singleton

Rafia Ribbon and spent matchsticks,
Remnants from an old tye dyed bedspread....
Tiny little fragmented moments gathered from the the leftovers of everyday living
and woven again
into a harbor....
of comfort.....
a place of Peace....
A nest of memories,
of make~overs,
and make~believes....

A resting place....

A beginning place...."

Singleton, Artwork and words.
Original Hippie Art Mandala, watercolored free hand on 11 x 15" 140lb cold press paper, and then sharpied in for detail.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Psychedelic Tidal Pool, Original Singleton Hippie Art

The Psychedelic Tidal Pool
(c) Singleton

She lay there,
belly down,
arms and long fingertips at one with the sand...

The gentle green bath water rolling over her,
splashing her in salty Peace.

It was almost low tide...
Almost the New Moon...
Almost time for her to move on...

To Dance in the deep, deep waters....

But for just another moment,
she lingered....

Daydreams are like that"

Words and Hippie Art (c) Singleton

Painted on a salty day at the Sea.....Peace is like that:)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jimi in Peace, Singleton Hippie Art Original

Jimi In Peace
(c) Singleton 2012

"I was dreaming
in crazy colors,
star spangled glorious colors,
and the music was
and then....
everything was draped in Velvet,
heavy crushed velvet...
the Music was The Dream
Wild and wonderful....

I saw him there...
behind the curtain...
behind the smokey haze....

And he was in Peace."

Singleton 2012

Watercolors, sharpies and markers on 11 x 15" Coldpress paper. A long time ago I hand sketched Jimi in Peace and my friend Jay, hand cut a stencil of that drawing... It's tattered now. Curled up on the edges. Old. This little poster was painted freehand with watercolors, and then I laid that little stencil baby down, and soaked it in watercolors, purple and blue hazy watercolors..... And it's a new dream:)

Friday, March 02, 2012

Peace Love Forever, Singleton and Son Original , Hippie and Flash Art United

Peace Love Forever
Singleton and Son
Hippie Flash Art Original

"Draped lazily over the bed in the Sunday Sun,
I painted him a thousand colors,
idled away the Sermon Times,
inking endless lines
up and down his arms,
powerful wings across his back,
spidering up his neck...

I could read him like the Sunday Comics....

My Tattooed Lover.."

Artwork (C) Singleton and Singleton
Words (c) Singleton