Sunday, July 30, 2006

Give Peace a Chance, SAS Outsider Art

It's All Good, We Can Fix This ... Singleton 2006, Outsider Art

(c) Singleton 2006
It's all good,
We can fix this...

SOLD to a sister in peace, in time......

You're broken.
And I'm watching.
Dragging out the paints and the glue and the glitter.
You're broken.
And when you're ready, we'll put you back together again. Tidy up your damaged soul. Paint a prettier past for you to fall back on.
It's all good,
We can fix this.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Drink Beer,Outsider Art, 2006 SAS

Outsider Art
Just Drink Beer!
(c) Singleton 2006

I just want to spend my life marinating in this martini...Can't you find someplace else to drown in your sorrows..and just let me float in peace
Go ahead, have a Beer!

Friday, July 28, 2006

A Saint or a Fool, Singleton Outsider Art

A Saint Or A Fool

(c) Singleton 2006
Self Portrait from The Pink House

Sold to the safe-keeper of my thoughts

I forgot to tell you about the yellow butterfly,
And I'm sorry....
I would have liked to have left you with at least that...
so that you, too,
could understand
of peace.
She'll flutter by you anyway.
It's just a shame
that you won't
raise your fingertips
to the sky
and throw her

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Meet Me at The Sandbar, Singleton 2006, Outsider Art

Outsider Art
8 1/2 x 11
Meet Me At The Sandbar
(c) Singleton 2006


No fear of the undertow...
The inevitable backwash....

Meet me at The Sandbar....

My Arms are Tied, Singleton 2006, SAS Outsider Art

My Arms Are Tied
(c) Singleton 2006
Outsider Hippie Art


Until you find Peace,
My arms are tied...

You suffer so...
With your wrecked happy endings
And tarnished yesterdays...
But i loved ya baby,And I believe...
Yellow butterflies
And perfect skies,
The promise of sunrise
And fated good-byes.

Until then,
My arms are tied.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Welcome to

Welcome to www.JustGiveMePeace.blogspot.Com, designed to celebrate the outsider art works of Hippie Artist Singleton .
The artwork here is just a peek into the whimsical, sometimes dark and often, obsessive world of the self-taught artist.
Each piece is very personal & is inspired by a reality, a person or persons, a conversation and/or experience.

Please scroll through the pages, clicking on pictures to enlarge and clicking on comments below each item to leave your very own mark.

Thank you for the words that have inspired us~ these are but just a few....

Dana..."I really like this one" RE:Mother Mary, May I? ©2006, Singleton
Anonymous..."LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,Love!!!!! Especially the hidden words inter-twined with the other words." RE: You Creep Me Out ©2006, Singleton
Aaron..."Killer piece...this one is cool. I didn't even notice the word Void written in there until I clicked on pic to enlarge. Wish it wasn't sold." RE: My Shrine To You©2006, Singleton
Christine..."Thank you my soul sister...your pen is mighty" RE: No Soliciting©2006, Singleton
Justin..."Despite my sarcastic sense of humor, your stuff is really good" RE: Thank You
Tucker..."This is awesome" RE: A Certain Peace©2006, Singleton

Please read the Feedback of ebay seller, Crunchyard, for more comments & reflections...Clicking on the title to this post will take you directly to Ebay's comment page for Crunchyard, seller of SAS Outsider Artwork.
And Until Next Time, As Always, Peace & Love to All of You~

In the End...Peace Wins, Singleton, 2006 Outsider Art

(c) Singleton 2006

Meet Me There Baby

SOLD, with great endearment to a soulful sister on the other side of the states.

This much I know is true...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pretty Little Pothead, 2006 by Singleton, Outsider Art

Pretty little...
Pot Head
(c) Singleton 2006

I'm just amazed that something as beautiful as you could survive and thrive and blossom from such a dirty little past.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I'll Just Keep Floating, Singleton 2006, Outsider Art

Outsider art
(c) Singleton 2006

Sold to a blessed new friend,
a sister in peace

It's all good.
I'll just keep floating.
Scooping up the good stuff in my tattered little net,
collecting keep- sakes and karma.

Again, and again,
in the end,
Peace wins....

Until then,
I'll just keep floating....

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blind as a Bat, Singleton, 2006 Outsider Art

Blind as a bat....

Outsider Art
© 2006, Singleton

And The World will be a perfect place