Friday, July 28, 2006

A Saint or a Fool, Singleton Outsider Art

A Saint Or A Fool

(c) Singleton 2006
Self Portrait from The Pink House

Sold to the safe-keeper of my thoughts

I forgot to tell you about the yellow butterfly,
And I'm sorry....
I would have liked to have left you with at least that...
so that you, too,
could understand
of peace.
She'll flutter by you anyway.
It's just a shame
that you won't
raise your fingertips
to the sky
and throw her


Anonymous said...

I'll throw her kisses

I have goose bumps said...

You are the BUTTERFLY!

We Have To Do Something said...

It's not seeing the yellow butterfly,
it's being the yellow butterfly!

frank sinatra eyes said...

is that you?

SAS said...

It's me, but do I know you? peace,love, and my world has been blessed by passing blue eyes