Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Peace by the Light of the Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Peace by the Light of the Moon
Singleton Hippie Art (c) 2009


We swayed....
tattered petticoat swooshing in circles
on the make believe floor,
cowboy boots scuffing,
dipping high and low
to the accidental ballroom music...
rock and roll in storybook disquise...

And we laughed...
On the night of the full blue moon...

Markers, colored pencils and all that hippie hoo-hah on a morning after...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wild Love, Singleton Hippie Art

(c) Singleton 2010

We tumble
upside and down,
lazy in laughter,
under a lemonade sky.

We whisper secret endings
to untold stories
in late night,
too tired,
too many Margarita voices...

We run barefooted
in rain the colors of Christmas tree tinsel,
and when
we kiss...

it's wild"

Watercolors, markers, sharpies....Painted in the rain...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love Hard, Singleton Hippie Art

Words and Hippie Artwork
(c) Singleton 2010

"We float...
do the Tango under the rush of high tide,
and swallow Margarita~green waves
in giant gulps,
almost drowning

and then dig our toes in deeper,
Push off from the ocean floor....
And do it again...

Your face is a thousand colors
sun swept,
and flush
from the high of noon
and the high of now.

Love now...
And Love hard..."

Original watercolors, sharpies, and hippie hoo~hah on Coldpress paper. The sun's shining, the beer is cold, and there's no time like now.....

Friday, June 11, 2010

You Made Me Cry, Hippie Singleton Art

You Made Me Cry
Singleton Hippie Art

Stupid little carnival ride,
with the rinky dink music
and smell of buttered popcorn
dripping everywhere...

Just let me off....

Let me wander
into the crowds,
dirty footed,
in my brown paper bag dress....

Empty except for the colors I carry inside...

"Words and Artwork (C) Singleton 2010
Self portrait after the fight...the first one, the last one, the only one...And I cried.