Friday, June 11, 2010

You Made Me Cry, Hippie Singleton Art

You Made Me Cry
Singleton Hippie Art

Stupid little carnival ride,
with the rinky dink music
and smell of buttered popcorn
dripping everywhere...

Just let me off....

Let me wander
into the crowds,
dirty footed,
in my brown paper bag dress....

Empty except for the colors I carry inside...

"Words and Artwork (C) Singleton 2010
Self portrait after the fight...the first one, the last one, the only one...And I cried.


eric1313 said...

Took me to the tip
of the mountaintop
and spilled me out
sticky fizz foaming
running wild
running around

the hollows between
words and action~
the touch i'll never
as she told me she knows
she knows...

she knows.

It's a feeling
It's a belief
a bend and a bridge
reaching out for blessings
the rain of tears
of a goddess and priestess
a heart beating
the drum of my zealot

and I break
to pieces

but in the end

it was the ride of my life

...but who am I

to say it was only for me?

Justgivemepeace said...

Ahhh, Man....

You've so got the words!