Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love Hard, Singleton Hippie Art

Words and Hippie Artwork
(c) Singleton 2010

"We float...
do the Tango under the rush of high tide,
and swallow Margarita~green waves
in giant gulps,
almost drowning

and then dig our toes in deeper,
Push off from the ocean floor....
And do it again...

Your face is a thousand colors
sun swept,
and flush
from the high of noon
and the high of now.

Love now...
And Love hard..."

Original watercolors, sharpies, and hippie hoo~hah on Coldpress paper. The sun's shining, the beer is cold, and there's no time like now.....


SARAH said...

Like this one a lot, very nice work.

Justgivemepeace said...

Thank you Sarah! And it sounds like you had a wild time at the festival, living, loving now! I haven't camped out at a festival in years, but it doesn't sound like they've changed much at all...
Lots of skin, beer, sun, stumbling, music, and friends...That you'll remember for a lifetime (And lots you might not remember in the morning!) So glad you got to go!