Monday, November 15, 2010

Psychedelic Dreams, Singleton Hippie Art

Psychedelic Dreams
(c) Singleton 2010
"I tossed and turned
and flung my arms....
tumbling through the dark caverns of everyday chaos...
deeper and deeper
into the cool waters
of Saturday night
a make~believe~for~the~moment place...
And in my middle of the night sleep,
skinny arms tangled in sun dried sheets,
I painted smiles
on the wayward faces
of every haunting that's ever crossed my highway...."
Words and Artwork, Singleton, on a crooked Saturday, painted Left handed, because that's what happens when you tumble unexpectedly and try to save your teeth...and inked, very, very slowly with the help of a friend and a beer or a two:) Watercolors, acrylics, and all that hippie hoo~hah....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Under the Psychedelic Sea, Singleton Hippie Art

Under the Psychedelic Sea
(C) Singleton 2010
Words and Hippie Art for the Spirit

"We float there...
skinny arms and legs tangled up
in love knot puzzles,
and we laugh at the deep, deep waters.

In the cool phospherescent playground
of our imaginations,
we're weightless,
and forever
is a long, long way

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010
9 x 12" Original watercolors, markers, and sharpie on 140 pound coldpress watercolor paper. Painted and embellished with peace and love on a week long journey to nowhere, everywhere, and then home again.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Color of Drums, Singleton Hippie Art

The Color of Drums
(c) Singleton 2010

"It rained.
lazy water balloons falling
from the sky,
plopping and somersaulting off the tin roof.
The wind,
a whipporwill in the distance,
sang to us in chords only a violin knows by name.

And I cried.

Until I heard the drums.

The primitive pounding of my weathered heart.
And yours.

In technicolor rhythm."

Words and hippie artwork (c) Singleton 2010.

Painted on a rainy soulful day. Watercolors, markers, sharpie.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Colors of Angels in Flight, Singleton Hippie Art

The Colors of Angels in Flight
(c) Singleton 2010
Words and Artwork
"She wove intricate
black and white stories,
twined together
with scraps of wedding lace,
tattered jeans,
never winning
lottery tickets.
She wore
a thousand pair
of worn out shoes,
and traipsed
up broken mountains,
Ten billion lifetimes
in ten million pieces
she's tired.
And it's
always my
blue eyed friends
May hers be the color of Peace.
Painted with Peace and Love and the instant deja vue of every moment we shared, every story we punked up with psychedelic embellishments, every laugh suspended forever for safekeeping. Rest in Peace, my friend. I looked up yesterday, and watched the sky paint herself in every cotton candy color and I knew....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peace Creek, Singleton Hippie Art

Peace Creek
(c) Singleton 2010

"We tailgated there,
bumper to Chevy bumper,
clinking down the skinny dirt road,
Just a bunch ofHippies on Parade...
on our way to bonfires
and the muddy waters of Naked Freedom
on a Friday night.

I wandered there today,
rolled up my jeans,
a lifetime later,
and slid down the dusty hill,
littered with forget~me~nots,
crumpled beer bottles and bent grass,
until my toes touched the cold water of Peace Creek again..."

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010

Orignal Watercolors, markers, and a trip down Hippie lane on a peaceful Saturday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Butterfly Named Peace, Singleton Hippie Art

A Butterfly Named Peace
(c) 2010 Singleton

"For a good time,
follow me"
she whispered,
spinning on her heels,
leaving swirly, twirly
psychedelic pixie dust
trails in her shadow.

And he did..."

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010 11 x 15" Original on 140 lb coldpress watercolor paper. Watercolors, markers, and sharpie on a long, free Hippie week-end.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Girl Who Waited in the Rain, Singleton Hippie Art

The Girl who waited in the Rain
(c) Singleton, Hippie Art and Words 2010

"It was a tattered rain,
a raggedy Ann and Andy kinda sky,
giant blobs of stuffing,
like cotton balls from a Doctor's office,
landing at my feet...

And I stood in the puddle
and waited...
Dirty rain bouncing upside down and splashing up my legs...

He never showed up.

But the dragonflies did...."

Words and Artwork (C) Singleton 2010 11 x 15" Original on heavyweight coldpress watercolor paper. Watercolors, markers, sharpies. Painted on a afternoon of peace, sprinkled with memories.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Peace by the Light of the Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Peace by the Light of the Moon
Singleton Hippie Art (c) 2009


We swayed....
tattered petticoat swooshing in circles
on the make believe floor,
cowboy boots scuffing,
dipping high and low
to the accidental ballroom music...
rock and roll in storybook disquise...

And we laughed...
On the night of the full blue moon...

Markers, colored pencils and all that hippie hoo-hah on a morning after...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wild Love, Singleton Hippie Art

(c) Singleton 2010

We tumble
upside and down,
lazy in laughter,
under a lemonade sky.

We whisper secret endings
to untold stories
in late night,
too tired,
too many Margarita voices...

We run barefooted
in rain the colors of Christmas tree tinsel,
and when
we kiss...

it's wild"

Watercolors, markers, sharpies....Painted in the rain...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love Hard, Singleton Hippie Art

Words and Hippie Artwork
(c) Singleton 2010

"We float...
do the Tango under the rush of high tide,
and swallow Margarita~green waves
in giant gulps,
almost drowning

and then dig our toes in deeper,
Push off from the ocean floor....
And do it again...

Your face is a thousand colors
sun swept,
and flush
from the high of noon
and the high of now.

Love now...
And Love hard..."

Original watercolors, sharpies, and hippie hoo~hah on Coldpress paper. The sun's shining, the beer is cold, and there's no time like now.....

Friday, June 11, 2010

You Made Me Cry, Hippie Singleton Art

You Made Me Cry
Singleton Hippie Art

Stupid little carnival ride,
with the rinky dink music
and smell of buttered popcorn
dripping everywhere...

Just let me off....

Let me wander
into the crowds,
dirty footed,
in my brown paper bag dress....

Empty except for the colors I carry inside...

"Words and Artwork (C) Singleton 2010
Self portrait after the fight...the first one, the last one, the only one...And I cried.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love Shines, Singleton Hippie Art

Singleton Hippie Art (c) 2010

The dust flew in giant canopies,
behind me...

Tiny confetti size pebbles,
spewing up like popcorn under my tires....

The real world,
behind me disappearing...
on the Dirt road to Peace.

Sometimes,you have to run away...."

11 x 15 watercolors,markers, cold beers and all that hippie hoo~hah on a dirt road day.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Has anyone seen my Aura? Singleton Hippie Art, The Self Portrait

Has anyone seen My Aura?
Singleton Hippie Art (c) 2010
Self portrait of this hippie on an Empty Day
Sirens wailing slowly,
into the wind
like lazy smoke...
the sounds of the beginning
Very End
of a parade....
I sit like an old woman
crouched on the edge of the sidewalk
and pretend I'm watching the colors,
the hope floats,
the baby ballerinas,
the scary Boo-Ya! clowns
pass by.
Candies land at my feet,
Snap! Pop!
Tiny little gunpowder filled trinkets...
Things that melt in your mouth.
Things that make you jump.
And I lean forward,
stretch my fingers out
to just barely touch,
the tiny colored wrappers
close enough to taste
but I'm just pretending...
And there's nothing really there at all."
Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010
Watercolors, sharpies, colored markers, pencils on an Empty Day

Monday, May 03, 2010

Love Grows, Singleton Hippie Art

(C) Singleton 2010


"A gazillion love bugs
holding hands fly
wrecklessly into my five o'clock windshield,
Romeo's and Juliettes,
a dime a dozen,
throwing themselves into eternity...
And then I remember...
the first time I saw them....
fluttering above the damp sidewalk
,like gothic teenagers high as kites,
embraced in flight....
dipping and diving,
in the dusky light...

I was nine.
And they've touched me ever since....
Love Grows...

And this time,
I'm not letting go...."

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010

11" x 15" Original Hippie Poster....Watercolors, markers, sharpie on 140 pound acid free watercolor paper. Love Grows...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mad for the Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Mad for the Moon
Singleton Hippie Art

Sock footed in his five o'clock shadow,
I watch him sleeping...
skinny arms and legs,
tangled up like Macrame' knots
on the hand~me~down couch...

And I'm wide awake,
twisting my hair in curley-ques,
whisper dancing in the kitchen...

The night is upside down
the clocks are inside out...

We're Opposites...

And I'm mad about him...."

Words and Hippie Artwork (c) Singleton 2010
Acrylic, watercolors, sharpies, an old comic and some modge podge on Feel-the-love Friday

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Valentine for a Liar, Singleton Hippie Art

Valentine For a Liar
(c) Singleton 2010 , Words and Hippie Artwork
Cherry filled words
lined up in cheap little boxes,
and glittered
and half price the morning after they're uttered....
I couldn't be bothered to listen,
but just so you know....
This velvet valentine's for you...
in all the cream filled colors
of yesterday's candy....
11 x 15 Watercolor on Strathmore coldpress. Sometimes in the deep dark wee hours of madness, we realize, lies are the biggest tell-tale truth ever told. This is the story of that discovery. Clink! To my little hippie child, embrace the moment, and be thankful, not for the tacky little stories they told...but the window of truth it opened. Have wings, little one...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Love Now, Singleton Hippie Art

(c) Singleton 2009

Black vinyl spinning,
coffee table scuffed from Friday night shoes on fire...
I'm an Accidental Go~Go Girl
in knee high boots and love....

Sand castles sky high
and dripping,
periwinkle roads winding in never ending eights,
and I'm a Mermaid,
old and washed up...
and at sudden peace...

Highways with dotted lines,
burned out lights,
and ditches deeper than the sea....
Soft from the whrrrrrr of a thousand stories,
round ticket trips...
black licorice
and other stories....

Love now....
Every other day,
it's just another memory......

Make it good.

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton Original painting on 11 x 15 poster size Strathmore Coldpress Watercolor Paper. Watercolors, food coloring, markers, sharpie....the colors of Love and Peace, even the accidental ones found in drips and sudden gusts of wind....

Muah! I'm without internet most days these days.....sometimes I forget to pay the bill, sometimes I can't. Someday's lightening strikes and somedays, the old purr of the little engine that could just can't....too much cathair and cigarette smoke to roll over and yawn "you've got mail!"....but I'm always here in heart....