Friday, March 19, 2010

Mad for the Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Mad for the Moon
Singleton Hippie Art

Sock footed in his five o'clock shadow,
I watch him sleeping...
skinny arms and legs,
tangled up like Macrame' knots
on the hand~me~down couch...

And I'm wide awake,
twisting my hair in curley-ques,
whisper dancing in the kitchen...

The night is upside down
the clocks are inside out...

We're Opposites...

And I'm mad about him...."

Words and Hippie Artwork (c) Singleton 2010
Acrylic, watercolors, sharpies, an old comic and some modge podge on Feel-the-love Friday


i beati said...

love it wish I had some extra cash ..someday ..

souldose said...

Beautiful poem, I came via Skinny's.. I'm on a search for her and found this beauty..... I hope she's ok, I'm her South African friend

eric1313 said...

Your poem makes me smile.

Your poems always make me smile.

You are a wonderful poet.
You are a wonderful poem.

And in the pictures,
I always see you
with that neon
peace and love smile

the rhyme and the reason

all on one face...

on another

peace at ya my friend. Your art lives and breathes and does cartwheels like a green aurora dancing in the northern night.

Maithri said...

My friend, my wonderful friend...

I walked down
to Yamba Beach
My heart
Still bloodied
and wincing after
the thorny cadences
of yesterdays song

Unexpected, unavailled,
suddenly came
a yellow sun riding softly across blue sky shoulders

By the rocks
gangly surfers laughed through tangled hair and unchained eyes
at the foaming waves mounting before them

And I felt myself
letting go
of more than the
breath that
was still to
be exhaled

At the bottom
of the sandy staircase
I glanced at my shoulder
and there was
a purple eyed

Could it be
The dawn
is breaking.

Sending love, M

Justgivemepeace said...

Where have I been?

Much Peace and Love to you all, sweet friends!

Someday when I get my act together, I'm gonna bop your mailbox with peace and love...until then just know I mean it:)

She's doing good:) And I know of you, sweet child, from her....Life is a little carnival now....And we've both been on ricky ticky crazy roller coaster tracks...Waving and yelling, but maybe above the noise, and the dirt, and the lights, no one knows...She'll be back:)

Justgivemepeace said...


LOL! Ahhhh, always wonderful! A little Jimi Hendrix Butterfly that lights in my path when I least expect it!
Best wishes my friend...I hear youre home again!
And I hear your words...

And the sounds of bottles clinkin' in the wind!

Justgivemepeace said...

My sweet friend Maithri...

You must know...
how many times your name is said...
in this place we call our circle...

I can't begin to tell you.
but know I don't need to...
That is the legend of butterflies...

woza moya....

And much peace~love
to you, my friend.