Monday, February 28, 2011

Moon over my River, Singleton Hippie Art

Moon Over My River
(c) Singleton 2011
Words and Hippie Artwork

"And there at the muddy banks,
I tiptoed in to my knees,
to my hips,
felt the deep green rush
of darkness
and the blessings of trillion year old sea animals...
until I was
until my hair was phosperescent seaweed dancing on the surface...

Until I was free..."

Watercolors, markers and sharpies on the flip side of an abandoned painting.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peace, Love, and Wanee, Please... Singleton Hippie Art

Peace, Love, and Wanee, Please
Singleton Hippie Art

"He spun the paper his way
and I twirled my hair,
watching him concentrate,
biting his lower lip....
slowly tracing the #2 pencil
back through his memories
until he had it
and pushed the paper
back to me.

'Like this'....he whispered.

And I suddenly saw it like we were
sixteen again..."

Watercolors and sharpies on a Sunday morning. Inspired by a Peace Bird he drew when he was in highschool...and the Freedom Flag of running away to the River.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wanna Wanee?, Singleton Hippie Art

Wanna Wanee?
Singleton Hippie Art

" Two margaritas on the table,
salted and green,
and we clinked!
Raised our glasses high,
the cool Suwanee River
in our hands,
and imaginations,
sipped to our promise...

Take Me to the Wanee...
I whispered...

Barefooted and free,
to laugh
and dance
and drink
the music,
To camp in painted tents,
under a spirited sky.

And he whispered back...
"I've got the tickets".....
"You bring the peace...."

Watercolors, markers, and complete obsession on coldpress paper. This little hippie is celebrating a runaway week, a reunion with my sisterlove, and the magical energy of the promise of music..... The Allman Brother's Wanee Fesitval 2011! You gotta Love when dreams come true:)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Blue Henna Hand, Singleton Hippie Art

Blue Henna Hand
(c) Singleton 2011
words and artwork

"I looked down
and traced a thousand spider web tattoos,
the tell-tale lines of every highway
I've ever
wandered down,
every weed I've plucked from the garden
and embraced
until it was a Morning Glory..

the rambling story of my life,
etched forever on my hands...

I'm Old now.
And I'm thankful.

Original art collaged on a vinyl 33rpm Album . Archival paper, coldpress watercolor paper, colored pencils, markers, ink, and watercolors. 12" x 12" Round.