Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Story Teller

The Storyteller
(c) Singleton 2009

I lifted the tattered
folded, unfolded,
a thousand times
in this life,
and touched the faded
ran my fingers over
the colors
as soft

Three tables away
I saw the blue, blue eyes
come to life...
a firefly flickering...

And then when
he ambled over,
leaned over me,
making sun shadows
with skinny arms and legs...

I started the game...

"Tell Me a story"....

Tiny little fortune teller...A tribute to all the stories we've told, the laughter we've shared, the choices we've made....Mine is over 20 years old...sea swept and faded. This one is bright and shiney and new...Just waiting for the stories to bring it to life. Here's to the summer of Love....and Hippie Beach...I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Crying Moon

(c) Singleton
The Crying Moon

"She sat sky high
in the paisley colored night,

and a zillion miles
under her tattered lace petticoat,
rhinestone stars twinkling...

the world danced.

Silly little stick people..."

Watercolors, pencils, ink, markers on 9 x 12 Strathmore paper...A little hippe hoo~hah whipped up the morning after the full, full moon....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Whisper

(c) Singleton 2009

The Whisper

He whispered to me
from a ghost town,
pale blue voice
in the wind...

And on the wings
of every butterflythat passes,
every breeze that
plays woodland music outside my kitchen window,
I hear him still...."

Vinyl LP reincarnated to send the message round and round and round....Altered archival print of The Eternity Angel embellished with the psychedelic colors of Peace...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Psychedelic Sea, The Original

Psychedelic Sea

(C) Singleton 2009

He followed the sound,
guitar strings and tambourines,
southern voices in the wind...
knowing that
there in the nightcrowd
he would find me,
barefooted and gypsy dressed,
dancing in the ocean spray...

Full moons,
martini moons,
and a gazillion empty moons
have passed...

And I go
there still...
a mermaid ghost...
dancing on the dunes,
at the edge
psychedelic sea....

And in the wind,
I hear him laughing...


Remembering what it was like
to be

11 by 15 original on heavyweight Strathmore watercolor cold press. Watercolors, Acrylics, colored pencils and Ink...The tattered peace sign was drawn, crumpled, and abandoned on the porch for months before being rescued to rest like a hurricane in the center of this picture. The mermaid was born of another thought, another memory, a dream...that was never finished, and probably never will be, so she's come back to visit the sea. Letters were lifted from an old magazine. Together, they make the Psychedelic Sea...A collage, of sorts.