Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, The Story Teller

The Storyteller
(c) Singleton 2009

I lifted the tattered
folded, unfolded,
a thousand times
in this life,
and touched the faded
ran my fingers over
the colors
as soft

Three tables away
I saw the blue, blue eyes
come to life...
a firefly flickering...

And then when
he ambled over,
leaned over me,
making sun shadows
with skinny arms and legs...

I started the game...

"Tell Me a story"....

Tiny little fortune teller...A tribute to all the stories we've told, the laughter we've shared, the choices we've made....Mine is over 20 years old...sea swept and faded. This one is bright and shiney and new...Just waiting for the stories to bring it to life. Here's to the summer of Love....and Hippie Beach...I can't wait!


rachellovespeace said...

this is lovely sing. brings back great memories of making my own fortune teller. but your fortune teller must be the most beautiful fortune teller ever. i love it. hope you have a lovely day. :)

DoYouLoveLucy said...

oh this is so cute.i used to make these when I was little...ahh..the wonderful memories....

Justgivemepeace said...

Rachel...Oh you should make one again! Tote it with you to the Festival! They are too, too fun! I've been making these forever, but funny, I still tote the same old love-worn tattered one I started with:)

Doyoulovelucy...Thank you and memories...Ahhhhh, they're the best. And these bring 'em back for me to, both old...and new:)

Much Peace

skinnylittlesister said...

'Once, when I was a kid ...'

Justgivemepeace said...

skinny...LOL! "I never told anyone before, but....".....

Ahhhh, the stories we've told, heard, woven in the wind....

skinnylittlesister said...

'And I remember one time...'
'Ok, I'm gonna tell you something...'
'Dontchya remember when...'
'One time...'

Gillian said...

I think I took a wrong turn back there somewhere.

Hope you are well. xo

singleton said...


The old loveworn "Maybe, baby" is folded and in the beachbox!
Can't wait sister love:)

Blue! Oh, girl! How wonderful to see you! Muah!

Peace, love, and another day of stories......

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi! I have just fallen in love with your art!
And your message~ Always believe in peace people! Beautiful intention!

Great Etsy shop too :)

Happy day~ Karrita

Justgivemepeace said...

Karrita...Oh, what wonderful words to wake up to! And wow, your work is beautiful...I love those garden spheres!

May we all share the message...

Maithri said...

I write from the
in-between places

In a cheesy motel
A breath away from a tiny Swazi airport

Goodbyes whispered to the winds
To every one I've held, sung to, dreamed with in the time before the dawn,

To those beloveds whose name i cant pronounce or remember

A prayer rises from
where my private
heart dwells in the silence

Where the ocean takes wing
and children blow bubbles to the transparent skies

Where caresses flame
into the morning
and i remember the eyes that

It seems like yesterday I started on this journey
Tommorrow another chapter
will be read

But for now

Here I am

Somewhere between
the heart
and the light

All my love to you beautiful friend,

You are a treasure beyond words,


Justgivemepeace said...

Oh Maithri, my friend,
so wonderful to hear your voice again...
And I can only imagine
you there
in a universal sky
a thousand worlds....
little engine
mosquito noise
just under your breath
the tiny sound
of memories,
that will tether your wings to earth for a lifetime....

Bless you my friend,
all that you are,
that you see,
all that you touch...