Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Tribal Heart, Hippie Singleton, Spirit Shaker


My Tribal Heart
Hippie Singleton, Spirit Shaker
"We went deep,
deeper into the woods
until the smell of the earth,
the dirt...
was as cool
and damp
and delicious
chocolate cake.....

until the sky was feather painted through a thousand
cracks in the canopy of green overhead...

And there we pitched our tents....
to Wait...."

Words and Works (c) Singleton

Made from the cured branches of a crepe myrtle, this little wish bone shaped shaker is adorned with a mighty collection of created, found and collected items....Meant to be cherished be added to in bits and pieces ....And to be smiled on...when little trinkets fall off and join the party of happenstance wherever they land.....