Sunday, September 27, 2009

Peace doesn't have to be a Fairytale, Singleton Hippie Art

Peace doesn't have to be a Fairytale
(c) Singleton

I turn the gilded pages,
tattered diary with the hippie swirls
and gothic font,
and read the
everyday ho-hum story of my life.

In between the sharpie doodles,
the I-love-you's,
the make believe endings,
little heartaches
scamper like winter mice,
their skinny little tails
swishing past the punch lines.

I touch the pages
and see the little windows to peace...
the moments,
buried like the prize at the bottomof the cracker jack box,
where in the midst of chaos,
peace fell...
an abandoned tu-tu on the stage floor....

Peace doesn't have to be a fairytale...
if you leave the windows open....

Words and Artwork (C) Singleton

Colored Pencils, markers, ink on a whistful Friday...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cat under a Blue Rubber Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Cat Under a Blue Rubber Moon
(c) Singleton 2009

In the tall blue grass,
I saw it first,
the colors of the forest...

a black and yellow butterfly
flitting from
bent blade to tufts of green...
and then it disappeared...

The night has eyes in every color
and I watched that same patch of grass in the sands...
it watched me back...
And the butterfly grew
long arms
and legs,
wild and lazy,
and stretched
under the light of the blue rubber moon....

Words and artwork (c) Singleton 11 x 15 original on Strathmore heavyweight Coldpress paper. Colored pencils, markers, ink inspired by Jetflair's cat and a little vision out my back door.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blue Henna Hand, Singleton Hippie Art

Blue Henna Hand
(C) Singleton 2009

I looked down
and traced a thousand
spider web
the tell-tale
broken lines of
every highway I've ever
wandered down,
the faint perfumed stain of
every weed I've plucked
from the garden
and embraced until it
was a Morning Glory...
the rambling
story of my life,
etched forever
on my blue,
blue hands...

I'm Old now.
And I'm thankful

12 x 12 collage with markers, colored pencils, sharpie and odd papers on a Saturday morning reflection.