Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love Shines, Singleton Hippie Art

Singleton Hippie Art (c) 2010

The dust flew in giant canopies,
behind me...

Tiny confetti size pebbles,
spewing up like popcorn under my tires....

The real world,
behind me disappearing...
on the Dirt road to Peace.

Sometimes,you have to run away...."

11 x 15 watercolors,markers, cold beers and all that hippie hoo~hah on a dirt road day.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Has anyone seen my Aura? Singleton Hippie Art, The Self Portrait

Has anyone seen My Aura?
Singleton Hippie Art (c) 2010
Self portrait of this hippie on an Empty Day
Sirens wailing slowly,
into the wind
like lazy smoke...
the sounds of the beginning
Very End
of a parade....
I sit like an old woman
crouched on the edge of the sidewalk
and pretend I'm watching the colors,
the hope floats,
the baby ballerinas,
the scary Boo-Ya! clowns
pass by.
Candies land at my feet,
Snap! Pop!
Tiny little gunpowder filled trinkets...
Things that melt in your mouth.
Things that make you jump.
And I lean forward,
stretch my fingers out
to just barely touch,
the tiny colored wrappers
close enough to taste
but I'm just pretending...
And there's nothing really there at all."
Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010
Watercolors, sharpies, colored markers, pencils on an Empty Day

Monday, May 03, 2010

Love Grows, Singleton Hippie Art

(C) Singleton 2010


"A gazillion love bugs
holding hands fly
wrecklessly into my five o'clock windshield,
Romeo's and Juliettes,
a dime a dozen,
throwing themselves into eternity...
And then I remember...
the first time I saw them....
fluttering above the damp sidewalk
,like gothic teenagers high as kites,
embraced in flight....
dipping and diving,
in the dusky light...

I was nine.
And they've touched me ever since....
Love Grows...

And this time,
I'm not letting go...."

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010

11" x 15" Original Hippie Poster....Watercolors, markers, sharpie on 140 pound acid free watercolor paper. Love Grows...