Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Peace, Love, Eternity...Singleton Hippie Art

Peace, Love, Eternity is Now...
(c) Singleton

"The sky above me
was tangled with
twisted little twigs,
their boney fingers laced together
against the wind....
strumming sweet violin music
just before
the storm...

a hundred thousand
dragonflies paraded by,

And then, I knew....

This was Peace."

Words and artwork (c) Singleton

Painted on a haunted hippie camp~out, watching eternity through the Tree tops....
the face of yesterday's Love, painted on the Ghost moon.... the wings of freedom, telling their story in the sky:)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Raw Peace, The Promise of the New Day, Singleton Hippie Art

Raw Peace,
The Promise of a New Day
Singleton Hippie Art

She peeked out,
Just Barely,
over the river's edge.
Stretched her lazy pink pajama~ed arms
high up into the sky
and sighed...
The new Day...
The Promise...

And for just a moment
before the rickety rattle battle
of voices
and traffic
and chaos begins...

She's untouched...

Words and Artwork (C) Singleton 2011

Painted in the midst of pandemonium, watercolors, markers, acrylics, recycled wood and my hand carved Raw Peace stamp, broken, but symbolic, all the same:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Into the Woods, Singleton Hippie Art

Into The Woods
(c) Singleton 2011

"They wandered deeper and deeper
into the dampened woods.
She sang to herself
and left little peace~love messages
scribbled with broken sticks
in the wet dirt....

He cautioned her to be careful,
to watch out for spiders
and snakes
quick sand...

She danced in the cobwebs,
wore silver shawls with rhinestone buttons glistening,
alive with legs , crawling

She filled her pockets with
the empty houses of long~gone snails,
and her imagination
with their stories...

And she laughed at his fears....."

Much later, as rumors and folklore would have it, he wandered there again, and thick in the Forest, he heard her laughter, windchimes clinking, tinking in the breeze. And he saw things...the way he had never before. Sometimes broken sticks are magic wands, after all....

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mother Earth Unplugged, Singleton Hippie Art Original

Mother Earth Unplugged
(c) Singleton 2011
Hippie Art

"Stranded on the muddy river,
I played in the tar riddled sand...
scratching Peace Signs and writing LOVE
in giant cursive letters on the bank...

And there,
with the brown water slopping up my shins,
with the greatest sunrise ever smiling on my shoulders,
I met a Man with no voice...
a teensy weensy fish with no tail...
an Alligator older than Earth herself...

I met...
basking in the blessings
of Ma Earth,

(C) Singleton 2011 Born on a blazing hot Sunday, in my own World....where sometimes engines are meant to take you nowhere...and sometimes they're meant to stop running...And sometimes you're meant to embrace each and every moment, every miracle, every meant~to~be.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Technicolor Sunrise, Singleton Hippie Art

Technicolor Sunrise
(c) Singleton 2011

"She rose.
Rolled lazily out from under
the tumbling,
rumbling Acqua tide,
and stretched her pajamed arms up...

The Morning Sea splashed her.
tickled her Chin,
her toes,
her soul.....

And she smiled,
just barely...
A Cheshire light rising...."

"Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2011 A little Hippie Sunrise painted on the sands of the Inlet, in the early morning glow....11 x 11" watercolors, markers, and sharpie on Strathmore 140 lb coldpress paper.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Spirit, The Peace, The Love, Singleton Hippie Art

"Just Give Me Peace...

a mantra,

a song,

a silly little nursery rhyme

I sing~song over and over again...

Searching for the moment....

And then the dirt roads



spilled over the roots of old trees

and footsteps of ghosts before me,

and led me to the River...

To the

dusty little heart of the Earth...

And there

on the banks of the Suwannee River...

we gathered ....

Kindred Spirits,

and sister loves...

Long legged deer swimming oblivious to our presence...

Owls and

a thousand

butterflies waiting to be born,

new friends,

old friends...

And the Music....

Wrapped in the Wanee....

Peace was the gift...

Much Thanks to All who brought me home again. To the Magic....

To my Sister Love for sparking the spirit and holding my hand, The Saint of all Hippies for leading the caravan and lighting the way, JayMagic for packing us up like the Clampetts and getting us safely there, Sweet Boyfriend of mine for smiling and making sure we had everything we needed, The Allman Brothers and the entire world of the Wanee Festival, the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park for greeting us with opened arms, Steven for coffee and being such a good sport, The Boys for being the best neighbors, Donald, Trish, Victoria, Ray~ray, Semerton and Sheila for wildness, disco nights, roller coaster rides and Taxi rides...Theresa for the laughter in the wind....And to all....each and every soul, every tree and sapling that graced us, every animal, large and small that made room for us and welcomed us.... And to the River,~ the Goddess of it all, Much Peace, and Thanks....

Artwork (c) Singleton 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cat Moon, Singleton Hippie Art

Cat Moon
(c) Singleton 2011

"It slithered,
tip~toed up the live oaks,
dangled from the skinniest branches
then sat
licking it's paws,
lounging on the midnight blue sky above us....

The Full Moon
over My Wanee...."

"Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2011
Painted in the dappled woods of the Suwannee River, off and on, over 10 days and 9 nights of the Moon rising....painted to the disco lights of campfires, flashlights, and the sound of things that go bump in the night, painted to the music of my soul wafting down the river....touching my tent. 11 by 15" on Strathmore coldpress paper...Watercolors, markers, and spirit....And most of all Peace...

*Disclaimer....This was painted at the River...the dark murky smell of tea stained water, of the winds that carried the smoke signals of 40,000 kindred spirits have permeated the paper....And it's wonderful!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The First Night in the Woods

Moon over my Wanee,

over my tent,

over my spirit....

washing me,

rinsing me,

readying me


10 days of Peace....

I could have never imagined

the magic,

the moment,

the movement,

the music...


for once,

I didn't have to pretend....

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

When Hippies are Little....

I saw him on Thursday,

tossled hair

falling in

hippie swirls,


sunset colored...

two and a half years big

and smiling


and up to




Saturday his smile was

jack-o-lantern huge and his little red head was pumpkin big...

He flew into my arms with batman wings,

legs flying wildly


wrapped me in Love...

The baby with the fresh haircut,

the little pink shoulders,

and the 'I'm a big boy now"


took two steps onto

my white washed porch and


"lets paint, Mimi".....


To three 'ephiphants',

two 'dophins'

and 'Georgia' and 'Praysley'....

And Love....

God, it grows....

Painted on a Saturday morning...chubby little fingers swirling, twirling, seeing.... And Mimi in her bedhead and thrown on jeans, watching, falling in love all over again.

(c) Singleton for the littlest hippie in our clan, 2011

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Moon over my Hippie, Singleton Hippie Art

Moon Over My Hippie (c) Singleton 2010 "He laughed and slid one more beer across the bartop, Clink! It was late and we were the only ones left, teetering on the rickety bar stools, falling into each other's arms on the dusty dancefloor... whispering under the Disco lights of another Hippie Moon...." Because sometimes I do carry my paints to the bar...And sometimes it's just Magic...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Love, Singleton Hippie Art

One Love (C) Singleton 2010 "We were wreckless... fatefully falling into each other's accidental arms and holding on tight. We were in Love... once...... for a very, very short time... and forever... Love is Wild like that" Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2011 Painted at the edge of the waves, in the trickle tide, in the memory pool....Hippies are like that....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tallulah Sees Trails, Singleton Hippie Art

Tallulah Sees Trails
(c) Singleton
Portrait of My Sweet Hippie Cat, a Tribute to Tallulah

"Tallulah Joe,
balanced on a tightwire,
Tuxedo legs dangling
and so black...that
He's almost Deep Purple
on the Eight Track,
20 years back...

His green eyes wander,
rheumyand irredescent,
circled in slivers of high yellow moons...

and then He sees them...
The make~believe world of a Stoned Cat on the Bar...
Ribbons of color,
fireflies under disco lights.."

Words and Artwork (C) Singleton 2010
Oh, I'll so miss the ever presence of Tallulah Joe draped on the Bamboo Bar...seeing things we'll never know.
Peaceful disclaimer: Tallulah was rescued from a not so friendly place...Where the bad people go. He settled into a long and happy life here in hippieland....but every now and then, he saw things......every now and then he was haunted.....

Today, he rests in Peace.
September 11, 1001~March 18, 2011

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Shroom for one More, Singleton Hippie Art

Shroom for One More
(c) Singleton Hippie Art

"Two tattered tents,
one Bayou Blue,
two painted ladies,
one pup,
and three
Coleman specials
tossed like confetti on the river banks....

Our little Tent City...

Hippie Kingdom on the hill...

And when he said...
"Can I come, too?"
I whispered
to his back,
to his shadow...

"Scooch in closer
to the circle,
we've got shroom for one more"

Watercolors and markers scribbled and painted in the Saturday sunshine, while all the neighbors drove by and politely waved and nodded at the 'hippies next door', and the soft purr of Magic's airbrush, paintin' campsite banners, lullabyed me The Allman Brother's Wanee Fesitval 2011! We can't wait to get there! :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Moon over my River, Singleton Hippie Art

Moon Over My River
(c) Singleton 2011
Words and Hippie Artwork

"And there at the muddy banks,
I tiptoed in to my knees,
to my hips,
felt the deep green rush
of darkness
and the blessings of trillion year old sea animals...
until I was
until my hair was phosperescent seaweed dancing on the surface...

Until I was free..."

Watercolors, markers and sharpies on the flip side of an abandoned painting.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peace, Love, and Wanee, Please... Singleton Hippie Art

Peace, Love, and Wanee, Please
Singleton Hippie Art

"He spun the paper his way
and I twirled my hair,
watching him concentrate,
biting his lower lip....
slowly tracing the #2 pencil
back through his memories
until he had it
and pushed the paper
back to me.

'Like this'....he whispered.

And I suddenly saw it like we were
sixteen again..."

Watercolors and sharpies on a Sunday morning. Inspired by a Peace Bird he drew when he was in highschool...and the Freedom Flag of running away to the River.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wanna Wanee?, Singleton Hippie Art

Wanna Wanee?
Singleton Hippie Art

" Two margaritas on the table,
salted and green,
and we clinked!
Raised our glasses high,
the cool Suwanee River
in our hands,
and imaginations,
sipped to our promise...

Take Me to the Wanee...
I whispered...

Barefooted and free,
to laugh
and dance
and drink
the music,
To camp in painted tents,
under a spirited sky.

And he whispered back...
"I've got the tickets".....
"You bring the peace...."

Watercolors, markers, and complete obsession on coldpress paper. This little hippie is celebrating a runaway week, a reunion with my sisterlove, and the magical energy of the promise of music..... The Allman Brother's Wanee Fesitval 2011! You gotta Love when dreams come true:)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Blue Henna Hand, Singleton Hippie Art

Blue Henna Hand
(c) Singleton 2011
words and artwork

"I looked down
and traced a thousand spider web tattoos,
the tell-tale lines of every highway
I've ever
wandered down,
every weed I've plucked from the garden
and embraced
until it was a Morning Glory..

the rambling story of my life,
etched forever on my hands...

I'm Old now.
And I'm thankful.

Original art collaged on a vinyl 33rpm Album . Archival paper, coldpress watercolor paper, colored pencils, markers, ink, and watercolors. 12" x 12" Round.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Untangled, Singleton Hippie Art

Love Untangled
(c) Singleton 2010-2011
Yup, painted on New Years Eve~right through til the New Day!

I didn't make a scene,
slam the door,
kick the dirt,
spin the tires...

I simply said
and walked into the
New Year
with arms wide open,
two fingers raised high,
and kissed the sky.

I'm ready for Love"

watercolors, canvas, scribbles, pencil, markers, and all that who~hah on canvas.