Saturday, March 05, 2011

Shroom for one More, Singleton Hippie Art

Shroom for One More
(c) Singleton Hippie Art

"Two tattered tents,
one Bayou Blue,
two painted ladies,
one pup,
and three
Coleman specials
tossed like confetti on the river banks....

Our little Tent City...

Hippie Kingdom on the hill...

And when he said...
"Can I come, too?"
I whispered
to his back,
to his shadow...

"Scooch in closer
to the circle,
we've got shroom for one more"

Watercolors and markers scribbled and painted in the Saturday sunshine, while all the neighbors drove by and politely waved and nodded at the 'hippies next door', and the soft purr of Magic's airbrush, paintin' campsite banners, lullabyed me The Allman Brother's Wanee Fesitval 2011! We can't wait to get there! :)

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