Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Under the Psychedelic Sea, Singleton Hippie Art

Under the Psychedelic Sea
(C) Singleton 2010
Words and Hippie Art for the Spirit

"We float there...
skinny arms and legs tangled up
in love knot puzzles,
and we laugh at the deep, deep waters.

In the cool phospherescent playground
of our imaginations,
we're weightless,
and forever
is a long, long way

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010
9 x 12" Original watercolors, markers, and sharpie on 140 pound coldpress watercolor paper. Painted and embellished with peace and love on a week long journey to nowhere, everywhere, and then home again.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Color of Drums, Singleton Hippie Art

The Color of Drums
(c) Singleton 2010

"It rained.
lazy water balloons falling
from the sky,
plopping and somersaulting off the tin roof.
The wind,
a whipporwill in the distance,
sang to us in chords only a violin knows by name.

And I cried.

Until I heard the drums.

The primitive pounding of my weathered heart.
And yours.

In technicolor rhythm."

Words and hippie artwork (c) Singleton 2010.

Painted on a rainy soulful day. Watercolors, markers, sharpie.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Colors of Angels in Flight, Singleton Hippie Art

The Colors of Angels in Flight
(c) Singleton 2010
Words and Artwork
"She wove intricate
black and white stories,
twined together
with scraps of wedding lace,
tattered jeans,
never winning
lottery tickets.
She wore
a thousand pair
of worn out shoes,
and traipsed
up broken mountains,
Ten billion lifetimes
in ten million pieces
she's tired.
And it's
always my
blue eyed friends
May hers be the color of Peace.
Painted with Peace and Love and the instant deja vue of every moment we shared, every story we punked up with psychedelic embellishments, every laugh suspended forever for safekeeping. Rest in Peace, my friend. I looked up yesterday, and watched the sky paint herself in every cotton candy color and I knew....