Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Color of Drums, Singleton Hippie Art

The Color of Drums
(c) Singleton 2010

"It rained.
lazy water balloons falling
from the sky,
plopping and somersaulting off the tin roof.
The wind,
a whipporwill in the distance,
sang to us in chords only a violin knows by name.

And I cried.

Until I heard the drums.

The primitive pounding of my weathered heart.
And yours.

In technicolor rhythm."

Words and hippie artwork (c) Singleton 2010.

Painted on a rainy soulful day. Watercolors, markers, sharpie.


eric1313 said...

technicolor rhythm...

And i see the tones
hear he colors
and taste the kiss
of my love
just before
my lips touch hers
blinded as I am
in the sunlight smile
that blesses me
whenever I seek it

Songs feel this way
when the beat
is echoed from inside

marianne said...

Wow I love your art!
Happy New year♥

Anonymous said...

amazing the storys this kind of art can tell the emotions it can stir and the peace it brings to my concience but if only it could bring peace to all the countrys of the world... we can only wish.

Justgivemepeace said...

Wow! How did I miss these words, these blessings, tidings, prayers? Perhaps because Gifts are often meant to be found when they mean the most...

Thank you all for your thoughts... friend... hoping your year is unfolding blessed with Peace..
anonymous...We Can Believe...And perhaps one day, Peace will be the Universal gift for us all...

Much Peace to each of you, to all...