Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Into the Woods, Singleton Hippie Art

Into The Woods
(c) Singleton 2011

"They wandered deeper and deeper
into the dampened woods.
She sang to herself
and left little peace~love messages
scribbled with broken sticks
in the wet dirt....

He cautioned her to be careful,
to watch out for spiders
and snakes
quick sand...

She danced in the cobwebs,
wore silver shawls with rhinestone buttons glistening,
alive with legs , crawling

She filled her pockets with
the empty houses of long~gone snails,
and her imagination
with their stories...

And she laughed at his fears....."

Much later, as rumors and folklore would have it, he wandered there again, and thick in the Forest, he heard her laughter, windchimes clinking, tinking in the breeze. And he saw things...the way he had never before. Sometimes broken sticks are magic wands, after all....


Kathy said...

So much to see, bits and pieces for us to admire...all of it beautiful and full of color...lovely.

audrey said...

FABULOUS!!!! Definitely one of my favorites so far!!! I love the subject matter and I love the words you've written. It makes me want to go into the woods and look for tiny magic wands.
You are SO good!!!
♥ audrey

Justgivemepeace said...

kathy...thank you, hugely! It was just like that, the day on the river:)

there's magic there...And LOL, one day I'll blab on and on about the alligators and the cypress stumps..and the moment I knew what I know (And you would know just what I mean!)

Much Peace friends...

And Magic wands..
they're everywhere!

a Bohemian Market said...

Had to come by to say hi and look around your "hippie" blog : )
I am glad I met you and hope to see lots more of your works in progress. Still love your tattooed girls.

Justgivemepeace said...

Carol! You're a doll! Yes, it was such a pleasure, friend, so tickled to have met you:)

eric1313 said...

a broken stick as mighty
as a goose feather pen
and the whole earth
all of the sand
and dirt and mud



my broken stick pen
says it is

just keep laughing
and the technicolor
is alive

Justgivemepeace said...

Eric! Ahhhh, my friend....

on the dirty floors
of this,
the crooked, rambling,
breadcrumb trail,
I etch graffiti in the earth...

Letters to a penpal...

goatman said...

I like her; and your wonderful artistic expressions.
Your gentle words are relaxing to read.