Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Peace, Love, Eternity...Singleton Hippie Art

Peace, Love, Eternity is Now...
(c) Singleton

"The sky above me
was tangled with
twisted little twigs,
their boney fingers laced together
against the wind....
strumming sweet violin music
just before
the storm...

a hundred thousand
dragonflies paraded by,

And then, I knew....

This was Peace."

Words and artwork (c) Singleton

Painted on a haunted hippie camp~out, watching eternity through the Tree tops....
the face of yesterday's Love, painted on the Ghost moon.... the wings of freedom, telling their story in the sky:)


Lilah J B said...


Justgivemepeace said...

And so are you, sweet friend:)

Maithri said...

Here's to the dragonflies my friend,
To blue sky dreams
born from shadows and heartache
And the circle
That heals


On wings, Maithri

Anonymous said...

I fell in love one of our masterpieces and i'd like to ask can i use that as a graphic for my t-shirt?

I'd be more than thankful if you let me..

Here's my e-mail:

Contact me, please.
Regards from icy Finland

Sheila said...

It's STUNNING how your work just make a certain warm and nostalgic mood... I'm an "old" hippie too, and those days was'nt just about wearing funny clothes. It was a proces of learning empathy and care about others. Your paintings almost make my cry; GOOD tears, though. -And as an artist myself, I can see how much love and how many hours you use on every piece. Amazing :-)
God bless you and your talent.