Saturday, February 06, 2010

Valentine for a Liar, Singleton Hippie Art

Valentine For a Liar
(c) Singleton 2010 , Words and Hippie Artwork
Cherry filled words
lined up in cheap little boxes,
and glittered
and half price the morning after they're uttered....
I couldn't be bothered to listen,
but just so you know....
This velvet valentine's for you...
in all the cream filled colors
of yesterday's candy....
11 x 15 Watercolor on Strathmore coldpress. Sometimes in the deep dark wee hours of madness, we realize, lies are the biggest tell-tale truth ever told. This is the story of that discovery. Clink! To my little hippie child, embrace the moment, and be thankful, not for the tacky little stories they told...but the window of truth it opened. Have wings, little one...


Maithri said...

You tell em sista!

Love doesnt lie,
Let em keep their candy hearts
We weren't built to



Justgivemepeace said...

LOL and hugs, Maithri! Even these peace lovin' fools have to sometimes stomp our feet! And no, you're so right friend, we weren't built to break!


i beati said...

wow splendid colors running together hmmmn

forever said...

amazing art and nice blog!
became a follower =)

Peace & Love

Justgivemepeace said...

Oh, Ibeati!


Thank you! I'm so sorry, I've been forever catching up here! Peace and love to you too! Enjoy:)

Anonymous said...
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