Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Butterfly Named Peace, Singleton Hippie Art

A Butterfly Named Peace
(c) 2010 Singleton

"For a good time,
follow me"
she whispered,
spinning on her heels,
leaving swirly, twirly
psychedelic pixie dust
trails in her shadow.

And he did..."

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010 11 x 15" Original on 140 lb coldpress watercolor paper. Watercolors, markers, and sharpie on a long, free Hippie week-end.


eric1313 said...

He had not been the happiest of caterpillars...

Belly ache from too much milkweed
...and the wine-roses...

...and the wild whiskey sour sweet petals, one by one by one... by two...

but he followed her
when she beckoned~
the colors were the sign
words wafting upward like smoke
weaving on the wind of her wings
Luna's spell could only hold him
for so long
not even a summer storm
a sunset

and it was gone--
but she had left her gift:

somewhere in the shadows
between twilight and twilight

and he too could kiss the sky

eric1313 said...

...if he would just wake up

and give it a wind kissed whirl

give it half a try...

The circle is unbroken, the circle grows stronger with every pass of the sun. I hope you are well, Singleton. Your art lives on and the peace she brings will be cherished by all who embrace her and welcome love into their lives.

Peace at ya my friend.

Peace!...with 2 fingers ;) said...

Beautiful!! ;))

Justgivemepeace said...


I read this many days ago. Cried. I cannot tell you my friend, how prophetic, right on sync you always are.

Wake up calls...
Pay phones...
Spinning on a dime...

Much Peace and thank you,
for the words,
lime green ice in a frothy Margarita:)

Peace!..with2fingers... Thank you:) Raising two back!

Annelisa said...

Just had a peek over at Etsy as do wonderful, beautiful work (I especially love this butterfly :-) )

I am going to put a link to you in the sidebar of my blog <a href=">Peace Bloggers Unite</a>

Justgivemepeace said...

Annelisa...Thank you! And thank you for going bald! The Cause is the cure...and for all of us, for all of our loved ones, Love gift at a time!

Annelisa said...

:-) that was three years ago hair is now as long as it once was! Hopefully one day a cure will be found. I wish it had been found already...I know so many who have had cancer. It is an awful illness, and affects too many.

singleton said...

I so wish that, too. In our sister circle, in everyone's Love circle, it runs rampant like a gasoline fueled wild fire.

We are all in this together, this life, this world...

Praying for the day!