Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Psychedelic Bird Nest, Singleton Hippie Art Original

The Psychedelic Bird Nest
(c) Singleton

Rafia Ribbon and spent matchsticks,
Remnants from an old tye dyed bedspread....
Tiny little fragmented moments gathered from the the leftovers of everyday living
and woven again
into a harbor....
of comfort.....
a place of Peace....
A nest of memories,
of make~overs,
and make~believes....

A resting place....

A beginning place...."

Singleton, Artwork and words.
Original Hippie Art Mandala, watercolored free hand on 11 x 15" 140lb cold press paper, and then sharpied in for detail.


Sheryl McClure-Pitler said...

Hey there, Peace!

I really like the idea of the raffia bird's nest. This is cool.

Nice to see you are busy creating your beautiful and inspiring pieces!

Best Wishes,

Justgivemepeace said...


LOL! If I were a bird.....oh, the color's I'd weave:) Peace, my friend, and so nice to hear your voice!