Friday, July 24, 2009

Singleton Hippie Art, I'm Feeling Blue

I'm Feeling Blue
(c) Singleton 2009

Ticker tape words blah-blah-blahing...
like chicken scratch...
the over and over and over again
hum drum sound of
everyday noise
made out to be something
and Grand....

I'm bored with it all...
and feeling blue...

Sharpie and colored pencils scribbled on the first page I opened in "Dancing on my Grave".... torn out and scribbled in a moment of blues....


i beati said...

I'm with you kid- it gets so hummy drummy sandy

Justgivemepeace said...

Clink! I second that! For some reason yesterday a blue wind passed through and I couldn't kick it. So I did what big girls do, I cried. I cried for all the big things, the little things, for strangers, for lost loves, for missed mortgage payments, for fallen butterflies, skinned knees...all of it... And then I had a beer:)

Maithri said...

My beloved friend,

Funny that wind... how it changes colour on ya without warning...

I wanted to tell you that I've
found the ocean again

Somehow I stepped off
the plane
And in my 'gotta pay da bills' rush
landed here
in Coffs Harbour

A hospital by
the sea

When the light begins to fade
and work is over
There is a little forest
path that leads
to a sand covered staircase
overlooking the foam

I stand there singin
my little songs
And the blue lover sings back to

Mysteries and promises
dancing on her breath

Wish you were here
So i could sit with you
on the sand
and tell you just how
much your peace~love has meant
still means

to me,
the world,
and the butterflies

Love to you,


Acting Journal said...

Even when you're blue, your work is beautiful, lovely and inviting. I love EVERYTHING you do!!!!

Justgivemepeace said...

I wish I could climb on the rooftop
wave to you!
And a gazillion blue miles
later you'd see me...
Peeking over the waves,
Jumping high enough,
two fingers raised,
for you to know
it's not your imagination...
And you'd wave back:)
sweet friend,
Kiss the sea for Me....
Sing to her!
Dance at her feet....

Much Love to you, too

ActingJournal...Wow! How incredibly talented you are! I'm wild about your artwork and thrilled you've come to visit! Thank you so very, very much!

Much Peace,
And even on Blue Days...
There's a music we can dance too..

Toria said...

This piece, it's in the moment. Honest and sincere.
I really like it.

Justgivemepeace said...

Toria...Thank you...the moment was long and heavy like a dusty old blue velvet dress....And I wore it my words, my thoughts, the crooked laugh lines on my face....

May the new days be splashed with color....
And Peace....

Orhan Kahn said...

Love this one! Art and words, words and art. Delicious.

Justgivemepeace said...

Orhan...Muah! It's been so long, I just lit up to see your name here! Thank you friend....and much peace, always.