Friday, January 02, 2009

Someone painted the Sun, Singleton Hippie Art

(C) Singleton 2008

"She pouted.
Rolled over in the sky
and wallowed
in the blueness.

Someone painted the Sun,
and the clouds
were all pointing at her,
as they whispered by,
dressed in cotton candy colors.

I stood on the ground and
watched as
she fretted,
started to cry....
Someone grafittied the Sun
and she didn't know why...

Her tears ran blue and
and green...
psychedelic swirls
of neon rain...

"They've painted you Peace",
I hollered to her....

And slowly she smiled....
Silly little Sun with the Promise painted on her face.....

11 by 11 on matboard. Watercolors, markers, tempera, ink, shaving cream, food colors, peace and love.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


May peace be a blessing to all in 2009.

Justgivemepeace said...

Thank you Saintly....and may she shine on and on and on!

Much Peace,

Maithri said...

You betta preach my sista ;)

I love this !!

And we are all painted by life... with wounds and scars,
with names and roles,
grafitti swirls and cotton candy

And we cry
in fear that all this dross
might hide our light
our truth
our reality...

But Life is the painter
and we are the canvass

And it is the promise
that she paints
across the face of our lives

May we never die an unlived

May we never be afraid of
a little paint on our faces

My love to you dearest friend,

You shine like the sun,


Todd said...

What a wonderful piece of art! I love this metaphor of life! We are all painted as we walk through life's journey becoming more beautiful with time.
Todd in Santa Fe

i beati said...

interesting artwork . Blessings in your new year Sandy

Justgivemepeace said...

Love it!
Did my sidewalk chalk make it there?
I wanted to give you the gift of
painting the bridges,
the tiny steps,
the mountains,
the sand and the sky!
Much love my friend....
And peace,
the color of our dreams!

And as we does the sky...
and the man in the mirror.
Much peace ,sweet friend, and a New year blessed!

Ibeati....blessings to you sweet girl, for your world, may it be painted in peace!

Muah! Sing