Thursday, September 07, 2006

Words you'll never know, Singleton

Outsider Hippie Art
(c) Singleton 2006

You will never hear,
never read,
never imagine.
Tucked safely here
In a found envelope
Addressed to no one.
"Send me words" you used to say...and I did...
morning bouquets of peace and love and startling relevations... that rocked your world...
but you didn't protect them. Guard them like your virginity. And now they are spoiled. And so what's left, for the postman to deliver
is just a stack
empty envelopes

Pen and colored markers on a roadtrip envelope


Maryellen said...

This sounds so Frustrated. Some times we just have to let out the frustrations huh? The art work is wonderful though, but then I think you have figured it out I like what you create Singleton. I saw you post on my cousin Vicci Ann's blog. We are going to see Sir Elton John together. I can't wait to see what songs he plays. My daughter and her boyfriend are going to. I bought 4 tickets at $125 each. What to do with vacation money that didn't get spent. Share it, of course.

Kimbies said...

Oh mary Ellen please enjoy every moment of sir Elton!!!! I will play all of our albums and dream of being there!!! ENJOY