Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rumors, Singleton 2006, Outsider hippie Art

(c) Singleton 2006
Self Portrait from the Bar


We all have good intentions,
we start out meaning well...
naughty little demons,
broken charms around my neck
And it's the morning after,
in the face that faces me,
that reminds me that I'm haunted...

Ink, markers, pencils, bottlecaps, Michelob label, acrylics, scribblings on canvas; sealed
Unfinished, but over, done, movin'on because at night, while she rested, and i wandered the house, her face changed, her eyes and her hair were afire and I didn't want her(me) watching me(her) anymore. i kept waking up and adding words...."Keep out, Who are you? I just want peace. Go Away! " And she just kept looking at me...until I threw her in the back of the car and drove her to Georgia, face covered, and left her in the safe arms of Paiger.


skinnylittleblonde said...

And, she has spent many months here, safe with me, watching me, keeping me as much as I have kept her.
Although no glow-in-the-dark paints were used on her, her face & some other parts do seem to glow, radiate, reach out in the darkness.

Grateful Dead~
"When I get lonely in the middle of the night
And I need you darlin' to make things alright

So come on baby, baby please and I'm beggin' you baby cause I'm on my knees,
Turn on your lights let it shine on me
Turn on your love light let it shine on me
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine."
-Turn On Your Love Lights

SAS said...

Hey SLB, she radiates toward you, as I have, since you were born blackhaired and wild, before you metamorphised into a skinney little blonde like the one before you....but she just kept LOOKIN at me!

Oh, and Beerspitnight, if you dare, look closely here....and you will find...."Stop Talking".... Funny how we all, the circle growing ever widened, are inevitably so loosely connected

Must be the damned marbles!

Bruce said...

I'm always doing that. Haunting myself. Cool pic!

SAS said...

Sold to the precious keeper of my Thoughts
and now,
my sordid little past

SAS said...

I might just have to send you the modgepodge and a few little addendums every now and then! As always, Peace and love

eric313 said...

I spent a half hour looking at the pictures of this one.


It's bedtime, sweet, talented, clever friend. for poetry, I'd argue with you over who got the better deal.

You're vision is outstanding.

singleton said...

eric.... and we go back and forth, and they get better with each trade, hand-me-down-levis for the both of us! Clink!

eric1313 said...

win win... That's us, for sure.

Ony one month later,and I feel like a totally different person.

I feel whole.

You taught me to float, mermaid.

And I taught you...

I taught you...

Something, right?

singleton said...

To fly!