Saturday, September 02, 2006

Page 148 from my Journal, Singleton, 2006 Outsider Art

(c) Singleton 2006
Page 148 From My Journal

This is what Sunday Morning looks like,
feels like,
sounds like.

Listening between the lines.


Anonymous said...

this is deja vu before it happened, for me anyway.
and then it happened. i know just where u are coming from.
Sunday before Monday

Tuesdays child said...

today is Sunday! Again!

Badri said...

I want to say why I love this piece. A Persian poet once wrote a poem that I like to translate it into English, but I know it loses its rhyme when putting it to English words. The meaning of poem is as follows:

Human beings, all universally assemble one Body
All created by the same creator,
All equally connected to him & to one another
Any part of this Body aches,
The whole Body hurts.

My interpretation of this painting carries the above message. The character has seen the sign “KEEP OUT”, but turned her back to the sign and somehow has blocked the sign. The circle of beads in her hand is the emphasis to the connection she feels to all others. Everybody is connected to her and she keeps it in front of her. This shows the inner beauty of her, what I admire in her the most.

SAS said...

Wow, Badri
You always always have the most beautiful take, view, insight, promise of everything! You have always shunned the bad and gone forward, embracing, nurturing, protecting, the good. You are such an inspiration to all! Thank you for being our friend. Ever present. Love

SAS said...

ps Badri,
With your beautiful soul and beautiful words, you should please log back into blogger and add your profile and start writing. We would all want to wander there, to escape to the place called Badri's for coffee and tea and secrets.

SAS said...

If you follow the trails of these pages, you will find that Badri, herself, was the inspiration, the all embracing spirit, born into another page of my life pictured here. Take good care of her, C, she's more than a treasure, and I KNOW you can feel her peaceful and protective presence
Peace, love and ever-after

singleton said...

And tonight, I'm feeling you, Badri! And somehow, I bet, C is too