Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pretty Little Story, Singleton 2006

Pretty Little Story
Outsider Art
(c)2006, Singleton

Little Fairy Teller,
You are such a pretty

You've always wanted to
rewrite The End with all your
fancy-smancy words

Framed & Double Matted


Anonymous said...

Love her!!! Gorgeous eyes, purple curly hair. What a cute face~ Is'nt it amazing how God can make so many different faces with two eyes a nose a mouth and two ears! And so can Singleton...LOL:)

lotusblossoms51 said...

Hmm? I left that first comment wonder why it said anonymous I filled out the user name, strange!

singleton said...

C You're so cute! And Im not sure, but i'd almost swear anonymous is the name blogger gives you if you dont pass the read the itsy bitsy wrinkled funhouse letters game! There's a story behind this picture, when I find the words to explain, I'll tell it! Peace, love, and finally, the week-end!

singleton said...

C, go to the January archives, there's a story precious, our precious, Nadine....she called us that...Fairytellers...always taking nightmares, inevitable horror stories and weaving meant-to-be's into their pages, and in the end, and I don't blame her, GOD I MISS HER, she was MAD because it wasn't a stupid fairytale, it was real, and we couldn't make it any better, but we still believed....and she loved us for that...and it was our fancy smancy words....peace and love... (and she knew much bigger words, more descriptive, more REAL words) that kept us all together, like kindegarten paste. Those fateful blue eyes....I feel you girl. Hear ya knockin. Peace, and always, always, love