Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ashes, Ashes...We All Fall Down, Singleton

Ring around the
Dead Posies...
(c) Singleton 2006
Outsider Hippie Art

Here lie the words, the many many words, the moments like a memory, the magic.....
of days gone by,
of days cradled,
of days counted.
and cussed.
"I've loved you for a million years" ....

"see me, feel me, touch me"
I believe.
Do you hear me now?

And they all fall down.


skinnylittleblonde said...

I know this one took a really long time to list on eBay. I just love it. I have kept it on my desk, picking it up near daily, looking at it...finding more words, but never really looking for them...and daydreaming about when I was a kid & really, truly, honestly beleived in flower fairies & freckle fairies & tooth fairies.
These fairies look age-old, like they have been around ever since I first beleived in them.
This piece is really neat & I will keep her safe, here with me, on my desk until she goes to where she's meant to be.

SAS said...

They are age-old, they have been around since you first believed in them, before you were even born. And they will be here, dancing, for a million years. They are my loves, my friends, my blessings, And I wish I could miss them, ache for them like I am told I should, but I can't, because they are with me....still....watching....behind those fateful blue eyes....

singleton said...

Just wanted you to understand