Saturday, September 23, 2006

Little Reminders of Voo-Doo, Singleton 2006, Outsider Art

Little Reminders of
Voo Doo
Outsider Hippie Art
(c) Singleton 2006


Like rusty little nails,
you hammered your voo-doo who- do into my world.

Fooled you, though,
moved my love beads farthest
from my heart

And you missed
On your very last foolish lunge

And I'm not empty.

But, vacant,
And that should have been
welcomed all along

Markers, pencils, ink, and a little bit of Joanie on cardstock


skinnylittleblonde said... very pretty!
I love her!

JLo said...

I love it!
from JLO ga

Anonymous said...

not it, her :)
she'll make your brown eyes green

Anonymous said...

Voo Doo is not to be played with.

Stone Tosser said...

Anonymous-Art is not a game.She's not playing, this stuff is good! :)

Singleton - Found you from Adam & Garrett (EC) - Good Job! You broke up the monotony of rubber stamps!

So many things get buried on the WWW.
Glad I uncovered you!

SAS said...

jloga...i just felt it, a little bit of joanie, hope you don't mind...
thank you stone tosser and how cool, didnt know we were linked there, that's awesome and so are your words....
sweet sib slb...thank you as always, i love you girl
and dear anonymous....i would never,ever,ever play with voo-doo... as I've said many times here before...we see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear...these drawings are just soulful paper kites... peace, love