Thursday, September 28, 2006

Relapse, Singleton 2006, Outsider Hippie Art

Relapse, total relapse
Outsider Hippie Art
(c) Singleton 2006

ready to run,

the sun was new and yellow
and glaring,
the coquina under my feet
almost blinding.

I almost didn't see you.
And when I did...
I forgot to run.
to fight.
to save myself from this again

total relapse.

8 1/2 by 11 cardstock. Colored markers, pencils, ink and all that hoo-hah
At home on the living room wall


SkinnyLittleBlonde said...

She's beautiful, I love her.
I know I must be your #1 fan!
R is for Relapse
R is for Remember
R is for Real

kimbies said...

I have to agree my favorite also, but chiling just the same.

SAS said...

ISLY. This one is tethered to my living room wall. Too close, too twined to my soul to let her fly. And she means only one thing. And maybe its "chill", but it's not chilling. I promise you. This one is just a souvenier from the never ending roadtrip..a reminder that "never again" is a stupid little cliche that I could swallow in one second...
but meanwhile, she's just a little paper kite, tied in knots, still tethered to my past

Jez said...

it's funny isn't it how words even strung together by someone will mean something - perhaps totally different yet no less meaningful - to the next.
As for me, I sometimes wish I could write, without feeling utterly embarassed. So, I just put titles to my photos, usually lifted from someone else's creativity!

SAS said...

jez, you are so right...words, pictures, sounds, smells...moments..memories... different in everyone's world. How awesome that we use our own eyes and hearts to see and feel. This is the first time I have ever intefered with someone elses thoughts on any of my drawings, but I know Kimbies, and in her world, when she saw this picture, read those words, she gasped and swallowed fear, and I couldn't let her go there.
And Jez, you do click...and a thousand words fill the frame

Beerspitnight said...

I had an initial thought/feeling when I saw this piece, but I think it has to do with my current lacking of sight and touch sensations in relation to the female form. So I that initial thought/feeling is being surpressed. In it's place I will comment on a different aspect of the piece.
Lucky bird....

(my attempt at brute humor, I appologize)

I've said it before (I think I have) that I love your style. I know nothing of art - Freshman year of college I was auto-enrolled in a Art Appreciation class and I went the first day of class. But on the following Wednesday I left my schedule in my dorm and could not find the room where the class met. So I went to the register, dropped the art class, and picked up an Intro to Psych class instead - but I am able to recongize art that I enjoy looking at. Your work falls into the classification (along with Picasso and Dali), so thanks for the images.

singleton said...

Brute humor accepted! And always, your words. Now, would you please enable your Profile View so that folks can get to you? Follow you?

Funny, the college thing, I wanted to study art more than anything, but my highschool Art Teacher wouldn't give me recommendations .... I drew roaches and rats on my still lifes....and she was always raving and ranting "Just draw the vase" "There's no rats on the table" and "use this technique"....well, in her world they weren't there, but in mine they were. I was drawing the blasted vases EXACTLY as I saw them! So I opted to major in Psychology! (For all of about, ummmm, one semester) And then stumbled into this Religious Philosphy class and changed my major to that! You should count how many jobs you can get with a major in Religious Philosphy!

lurking longer said...

I agree, lucky bird

skinnylittleblonde said...

You Guys!
Birds have an innate wisdom & notice this one is perched in transition... landing or taking flight, he won't stay there long!

skinnylittleblonde said...


Anonymous said...

R is for Ready, Set, Go!

singleton said...

ahhh...perhaps it is!

Anonymous said...

Yes, she looks ready to take on all the Kings' horses & all the Kings' men!

singleton said...

or perhaps she already has...
And the King is the last one standing....