Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I've known you forever, Singleton 2008 outsider hippie art

I've known you forever
(C) Singleton 2008
Private Collection

I met an angel
by fate
or happenchance.
sitting out a dance
on the sidewalk of these pages,
and he whispered
to my soul,
in his raspy
yesterday voice,
with old words
in an old language,
the one word I've
waited to hear.....

And I knew then,
what I had to whisper back.......


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eric1313 said...

An Accusation

You did it...
You crept through
the mile high grasses,
Cheshire leopardess queen
wearing spots of blue.

As I read the tea leaves
and felt the sea breeze
I opened a bottle or two
drunk on your electric
poetry, evocative brew
then I smiled because
it could only be you
behind the gold curtain
pulling heart strings,
flipping quick switches

to make eternity happen
in a flash, a baby instant
and right then I knew...

Brown eyes forever
will trump my blues,

If an angel in the light
I am,
wear guilt like a charm
bangle jangling our tune.

I knew it was you...
the mystery shadow dancer,

Tell me again--
how eternity fills
the intimate spaces
between forever and one
fateful day
and tell me again
how it was that you always
You know me, Sing...
clip snip clip snip...

It's just right...


clip clip snip...
but now it's perfect!

i beati said...

right on !!

Maithri said...

How do you always make me cry.

I spend the whole day walkin around a hospital tryin to be strong for those who are suffering... and then i come home, read your words and the tears start.

The picture is astounding! I love it so much.

You are an angel of peace,

Love, Maithri

Maithri said...


Could you send me an email at when you get a sec. Just a quick question.


PS This picture is a masterpiece, i cant look at it without being moved...

singleton said...

"it could only be you
behind the gold curtain
pulling heart strings,
flipping quick switches"
I love that part! I missed all the editing, but saw the cookie crumb trail, from "behind the gold curtain"! Oh, TGIF, even for a short week, I thought it would never arrive!

ibeati....I took Kimbies on a virtual tour of your sight this afternoon, she's in love with your little one pound man, her's is up to about 4 and 1/2 pound.....Little Miss Odessa Nay~Nay!

Maithri....And I know you know the "perfect script" behind this pic.....I can't tell you the way that story moved me....and compels me still....And so I thank you, my friend.....

DeLi said...

a happy new year to you S. And may angels continue to guard and blew you peace and love.your art, as always is a breeze that flames a passerby's heart and passion.

singleton said...

Oh Deli, I didn't see you here....quiet little butterfly! And I wish the same for you, peace and love, an everyday blessing! And for us all, may the circle be unbroken.....

skinnylittleblonde said...

Geesh....she really, really, really is my favorite.

singleton said...

And somehow, mine too....
because we know.....


skinnylittleblonde said...

Hey Peace Pixie!
There is something about your Eternity Angel that keeps me coming back to her.
At first, I thought it was the dragonfly...they grace my living space, then I thought it was her peace sign dog tags ... but really, I guess it's that she looks so utterly peaceful ... one with no natural enemies.
Beautiful, as always Sister Sing!

singleton said...

It's because we believe....