Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Behind the butterfly, Singleton 2008 , Outsider Hippie Art

Behind the Butterfly
(c) Singleton 2008

"You hide there,
behind your peace~love
rattling change-the-world coins
in your hand-me-down levis,
inviting chaos
in through
your kitchen
and asking
it in for tea"

I whisper
from behind
veiled wings...
rattling found trinkets
for the sake of good luck,
and say
"I'll take that as a compliment"...


Maithri said...

What greater compliment is there my wonderful friend?

The painting - again - magnificent,

The words - as needed and nourishing oxygen. As powerful as desert storms.

May peace-love reign over this world,

May the lovers never be discouraged,

Love and gratitude, M

singleton said...


I so wish it could reign, that everyone.....
strangers on the street,
the neighbors fighting,
landlords and tenants alike,
lovers and bosses,
salesmen and actresses,
could feel it,
they have private wars
in private worlds
little worlds
little words
a broken fingernail
is a tragedy,
a bumper bender a done-me-wrong,
and they forget
that in the chaos
of everyday
there can be love....
and peace...
And it's greater
than all
their hoo~hah....

This little butterfly mask was born
reflecting on a conversation
with someone
who thinks I talk gibberish,
who doesn't believe....
who wears his wings as armour,
tried to dare me,
scare me,
out of my hiding place....

But, I believe.....

Maithri said...

And we must keep believing my friend...

For in all the world
there is nothing


than this...

A friend told me recently
'sometimes i wish i had a pin
to burst your bubble'

They dont know that the
bubble burst years

an from its bursting

a million painted

were set free.

I believe...

Every whisper
of peace


Love to you my powerful friend,


singleton said...

"Every whisper
of peace


Thank you, sweet friend
I amen you,
believe you,
echo you

and perhaps
if an army,
a village,
a parade
whispers the words

an acapello
wave will rise....
two fingers to the sky....

RubyShooZ said...

There's always love, always peace, always serenity if we really look inside and yes, there is and will always be 'hoo~hha" and live goes on.

We are so lucky we can get through it - together if we let ourselves.

Much peace to you today and every day.

singleton said...

Thank you for stopping by,
And the whisper grows....
May the circle be unbroken


Circling the wagons,,,I feel it.

Maithri said...

I keep coming back to your words..

The way we can take something intended in a negative light
and reflect it... transmute it... transfigure it into

a compliment

a gift...

Can we bottle this ability...sell it...

This is the power the world is need of...

Its like at the tennis ;)

there are these serving powerhouses...that can hit an ace in any part of the court...

but i've always admired the returners of serve...

the reflecters... the refractors.. the transformers of energy ;)

If we could each of us learn to exchange a little token of love for every voice of fear that speaks in our ears...

then maybe our dreams of peace-love would come true,

Love, M


singleton said...

wilsonart.....A peace train......:)

"If we could each of us learn to exchange a little token of love for every voice of fear that speaks in our ears..."

That so perfectly describes you, the magic
facing what so many of us are
afraid to even see,
and building
bridges of
with love,
one little soul at a time.

Peace~love my friends
and dreams....

i beati said...

private wars forsure and why do they take precedent I wonder. However I started my day with a cup of this love.. and I am richer for it ..


Your artwork is very inspirational.
Do you sell online?

singleton said...

ibeati....I wonder the same so many times, and how, in this world, with everything going on around us, anyone could find the time or energy to expend on negativity.....I need light and peace like oxygen....I can't imagine giving up the few moments of found glory for manmade commotion.....Clink! My friend, we are rich......

Babs...Many of the pieces here were sold through E-bay, I draw and Skinny would list them, (Otherwise I would have enough faces to wallpaper the house that Jack built!), but life itself, got in the way of that, too, she's working a zillion hours a week, and I won't ever ever mix business with this pleasure, so now, it's just by happenchance, word of mouth and the occasional accidental visitor to the Web sight....And still, it's all good....Good people, new friends.....The butterfly effect. Are you going to go online with yours? Clink! To that idea! It's a good one!


I am soooooooo confused, lol.
I figured out that you & Kim are sisters,,,is Skinny another sister? Sisters are soooo cool to have,,,best friends! I have three!
I couldn't find a sales website for you.???
I did Ebay a bit a couple of years ago,,,,the fees made it seem not worth the trouble. I'm afraid I'm really lazy about the 'ol promoting thing,,and not very good at it anyway.
I may get brave and try a website,,,who knows what craziness
this techno-weenie might get into with that!

Girls just wanna paint!

and yeah, it's still all good.

singleton said...

babs....yup, Skinny and Kimbies are my girls! Best friends, sibs,everything....I cannot even imagine one day without them. They are completely the bomb. There is a huge age gap between us and no time at all. We used to tote skinny on our hips on friday nights....a little one...and as we all grew up, the first born changed, again and again and again, depending on who needed what when....They are my soul, we speak the same language, see the same colors, dream the same dreams that might come true....

Our website is justgivemepeace.com, I think! It's in the side bar anyways! It's cool, but like I said, life snatched us by the seat, and it's kind of just hangin' out there, too....waiting......

As long as you "just wanna paint" your probably in the same frame of mind as me...
just do it!....
the rest will come...
and it's good....

I spent a lotta years painting, drawing for money in my pocket, an extra this or that, and woke up one day to realize, it was just another job. I love it too, too, much to ever let that happen....And then I started to draw on cardstock with whatever I have on hand, for me.....And I'm in love again, with the colors, the freedom from "I want this or that"...
Now, they're paper kites.....
And yeah, it's still good.....

Girls just wanna say....

DeLi said...

i like what maithri said..that may lovers continue sharing the gift of love.

S, this is lovely and tender!


Girls just wanna say AMEN!,,,,,,no relationships quite
compare to the sister bond.Mine is as yours, except I live too far away. I am grateful for email and cellular free minutes after nine.

I found your site, and there's some amazing stuff to be seen there, take a bow!
I understand completely. If it becomes another job, the thrill is gone,,,and who wants a second or third job?
I am staying thrilled with many paper kites lying about,on walls, in drawers,and my daughter's walls runneth over. And it's fine.

singleton said...

Deli....He has a language all his own, the peaceful poet.....And I agree!

Wilsonart...Skinny is a good day hike by car, can't stand it sometimes! But Kimbies is here and I couldn't have gotten through my life without those two, so I know the love! There is just something totally incredible about sister~love.....

Paper the walls and color the world....Feel the love!

Peace~love my friends
I so wish we could bottle it up and give it away for free~

eric1313 said...

"Take a bottle,
drink it down
pass it around"

Some love whiskey
and others love
or white lightning

We're passing the peace
in a vessle
a pipe
a grin
a wisper
a glance
or a 3 AM ghost dance
skinny dipped in pearls
and unbuttoned romance

"Take a Bottle,
drink it down
pass it around"

The highway sighs
distant and forgotten
the road led here
but the ocean
carries us away

A margarita
a daquiri
long island
7 & 7
sex on the beach
jager bomb
love octagon
pours like niagra
over the falls...

I've said it before:
Others would charge
a stiff fee for it
but you are better
you give it away
for free...

eric1313 said...

Call that one
"Peace in a Bottle"

singleton said...

And I'm lifting my glass
and clinking.....
to peace, my friend,
and you....