Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hello, Singleton 2008 Hippie Outsider Art

(c) Singleton 2008

It's a red day,
a bar~room coaster day,
accidently scribbled on,
"Hello, it's me"....

Forever was first
in line
and last to take
the chance
and just in case
I forgot to tell you,
even when I'm gone,
forever is a memory,
tripped over,
leaned over,
hidden in the second dresser drawer,

Say the words....


Anonymous said...

Peace Love

lotusblossoms51 said...

MMMMMMMMM she's sooo beautiful!!! You fricken ROCK! I wish I had a tenth of your artistic ways... Can she join Pixie??? n fly to paradise to make "us" smile~?

When ever your ready lemme know...

I forgot to tell YOU even when I'm gone... I'm still here~

Hugs to my sweet soul sista*
You are always in our thoughts and everywhere on our walls. :) XO

i beati said...

oh yes!!peace -love

Maithri said...

Its all I need...

Wet Sand
to cushion tired feet,

A black dog
chasing a gull across the dunes...
graciously forgetting
he can't fly

A moonshine ocean
to the world

And the peace of
a friend

painted on her palm
drizzling from her hair
laughing on the ebbing of
the breeze

through the sacred night

to my heart.

Bless you always, angel of peace,

love, Maithri

singleton said...

Anon....That's it, say the words.....

C....I know you're always here, and you girls rock, too! One day, we're gonna meet for Margarita's and Michelobs and clinks! And yes, baby, she's yours.....I'm headed to the P.O. on Friday so feel the love....they'll be on their way!

Ibeati.....don't you just love the way those words feel rolling off.....Peace~love......Almost can't do one without the other.....

And this week-end
a black dog
chasing fireflies,
pink stars in a painted sky....
and the wind
in paisley swirls,
swirling clothes on the line,
and windchimes in the trees,
making midnight music....
and the sound of
little voices,
carried over
and rooftops,
the sound of magic......

a baby dove
set free....

Peace~love my friends
Say the words.....

DeLi said...

i said it oftentimes,
but sometimes,
i think he pretends not to...

its sad sometimes when you asy words and and put it into action and this important person wouldnt even let you.....:(

singleton said...

You are right, It's almost always nicer when our hello's are greeted,
When it makes a difference..

Wishing you these words, peace~love

DeLi said...

so true S. though i know that each has to have that sapce, and blankness to find self. its really sad for those hwo care though to just watch and wait.

peace to you too, and to your lovely words

singleton said...

Deli...i was worried for a moment, tried to link to you and blogger blocked me....
I understand girl, watching and waiting sometimes
painfully forever....

Peace, that's all we can pray for....
The rest will follow.....

eric1313 said...

So beautiful...

I thought I missed it,
but here I am
bathing in your glory
and the sun--
she's jealous again...

but she'll get over it
and turn everything amber
and fireblossom pink
with her departure
into the western sea

And if the moon is jealous
she'll get over it, too
and as the darkside fades
we'll make the stars
pale with envy
Venus will blush
and the dawn will
blaze into hushed hues
of golden fire
and roseblush fading
to the blues

I almost missed it...
and then I caught up
to you

And everything noticed
as we circled again
and again
toes tickling in the
still warm sands

eric1313 said...

of a neon-night bayou