Monday, November 19, 2007

You Know What They Say,Singleton, 2007 outsider art

You Know What They Say
(c) Singleton 2007

I believe in
yellow butterflies
and little white lies
in truths.

I believe
sidewalks cracked
are rivers wide
and waiting,
and tomorrow
is just another
quarter in the jukebox.

I believe if
you take my hand
I'll runaway

with you
or from you,
it doesn't really matter....


Maithri said...

Passion, belief, love,

Flowing from every word,
every brush stroke.

You are awesome! in the truest sense of the word...

Your work flows from the heart of life itself. And fills the cupped hands of weary souls with whispered joy.

Love and light to you dear friend,


eric1313 said...

I'd love to wait for midnight hand in hand with her. =D

The key dangling, the cracked glass filled, the triple crown on her sweet red black hair--and your creative use of flowers! Her eyes are as beautiful as any summer night spent in love's presence.

And the poem... You know...

The truth flutters on wings
that look like golden leaves,
tickle like excited fingers
like a joke with purple words
like her hair in my face
as we pitch and roll
during restless nights
double storms of passion
in the air we breath together
in this darkened room
under these light sheets
in and out the heart's tempo
the words, truths and lies
in our brown eyes begotten
by the light of desire--
and the flutter of wings
means not a sigh of goodbye
but good morning, good night;
the truth has golden wings
like the leaves of autumn
and lies between the lines
mean nothing more to us
than another gilded excuse
to spend a long summer night
under cover, incognito
lights out as the fire
is just starting to burn.

singleton said...


Love and light here, my friend.
You write so beautifully

a lullabye of love

I go to grab my favorite line and move it here....
and find every word highlighted,
drop and drag, just starting to burn! Clink!

Peace~love my beautiful friends

No said...

You would not believe how healing this is for me....

singleton said...

No....I hope it is, sweet friend....
This is where I come for Peace, to make peace,
to take a zillion gazillion
even wrecked
and build
castles from the
this where I come to breathe...
to tell the stories
that can't be told in
black and white
because there are no
words big enough
or the truth is forbidden....
this is where
I runaway to....

Wishing you peace, my friend,
and healing

love grows