Thursday, November 22, 2007

Glass Soul, Singleton2007 Outsider Hippie Art

Glass Soul
(c) Singleton 2007


She rose
spillowing back
in smoke rings
and butterfly trails
the sounds of
bottles clinking
wine uncorked.

And he knew
her instantly,
Her voice
a blues harp in the wind,
tugging on
his 9 to 5
in barely breaths
on his night time
dreamless neck.

And he knew
she knew.....


Maithri said...

wow! You always leave me speechless...

Felt the need to breathe in your passionate peace today,

Love, Maithri.

DeLi said...

beautiful, oh beautiful!

singleton said...

While the world around me was whipping up mashed potatoes and smoking Turkeys, flipping cornbread and baking cobbler pies....
I spent the morning lost in color,
our Thanksgiving,
a day of peace....
of quietude...
and thankfulness....
And today, is Black Friday, the day the world goes mad, racing, lining up, shoving, shopping, greedily gobbling up carts and bags of Nothing. I wish for just one moment, today, they would all remember what they were thankful for yesterday, and just stay at home and bask in that.....
Peace, it's free.....

And that's a passion we share, sweet friend......
Wishing you all that and more

Thank you so much. I'm so glad this is a long week-end here and I can travel, too....follow your words to your world......

Peace~love, my friends

eric1313 said...

That's Janice, without a doubt.

I know a friend who would love this one.

"Freedom is just another word
for nothing left to lose."

Freedom to climb that mountain,
until the mountain is no more
Freedom to ride the blue tides,
until the blue tides are no more
Freedom to make love to beauty,
until beauty itself is no more
Freedom to do all these things,
until freedom itself is no more

And I am just a cloudy dream
you are just a wisp of smoke

I breathe you in, deep, deeper
and you fill my lungs with soul
my heart with passionate words
my memory with your vivid images

We will blend together into a
hazy panorama on your blank page
and chase each other's naked soul
around a bonfire, through the night

Freedom's a whisper away in the dark
freedom is right here with us
lets take it's hand and run
until we catch up with the sun.

Lyrically speaking said...

This is nice, love the words and the artwork

singleton said...


the sun is dangling
on a bungi string
a "come little, kitty"
just out of reach
out of grasping

but we go there anyway
laughing at the heat
and the impromptu crowd
cheering us on,
the five o'clock news
waiting for the touch
the burn
the scorch

and now we're on top
barefooted and silly
and immune to her
her rantings
her digital rays
we're fearless...
and fools

and it looked like as good a dance floor as any.....


singleton said...

lyrically.....I'm so glad Deli led you here, I skipped over stones and fell in love with your Carnival Girl!
You rock sweetie!

Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you Singleton, I am in awe with your're keeping me inspired when turn on the computer in the a.m. I've added you to my blog list of favorites :) hope you don't mind

singleton said...

lyrically....Sweetie, I feel like I've found a sister! Your words
are like
sudden Christmas tinsel
lights on the sea

and your artwork rocks!

As soon as I have time back to myself I'm probably gonna crawl all of your pages, soaking up the poetry, the color, the archives and btw, I linked you right off the bat! And I'm gonna add it to hippieparade and butterflybar, ta!dah! (hope you don't mind!)


No said...

Too bad this is sold...I love Janice.

singleton said...

No....And so do I! Turn her on, blast it loud! Sing along.....
"A little piece of my heart".....
This little one's going to a great home in California.....And I so know she's gonna be loved!


No said...

I'm glad Janice will be loved...she deserves it!

singleton said...

Thanks sweetie, She's gonna love the girls out there.....on her way now!

DeLi said...

just browsing again, and just feel how your words here echoes the feelings im having lately