Monday, November 26, 2007

The Butterfly Bride, Singleton 2007 Outsider Hippie Art

Butterfly Bride
(c) Singleton 2007

You rocked her
you rolled her
you spun her in the sand,
coquina cocoon
and captured her,
keepsake treasure,
a day in the park...

She said "I do"
and "I will"
and "I am"
and "forever"

but she was
talking to the wind
and you weren't listening,
are free.....

in case you didn't notice....


karma lennon said...

I love it! You're an amazing artist, Singy. Butterflies are free and we are them, dancing along the breeze, making life how we please.....Clink indeed to the real you and me!

And that looks kinda like Janis below.....

DeLi said...

butterflies are so FREEE

love this!

Maithri said...
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Maithri said...

Oh yes!! How spectacular,

Marry freedom.

Its the only wedding worthy of your soul, my friend

I see
a long red ribbon
to a picket fence,

an unravelled
silk butterfly
fluttering boldly
in the sea breeze,

Each morning when
the wind blows

And the foaming lips of
the ocean kiss the shore,

She stretches out her crimson arms
on the currents and rivulets of the air,

The way ribbons do.

One day,

as the mermaids breathe
her name
once more
into the beckoning heavens

She loosens her bonds to fenced in worlds

And flies

to the heart
of the wild

Love to you my friend, Maithri

singleton said... got it girl! I knew you had wings, an opalescent tapestry billowing, and then there they were.....

deli....the very spirit of the butterfly, twirling, swirling, dancing with the entire universe her endless stage has mesmerized me since I was a child....And now everytime I'm gifted by the momentary flight of one, I'm reminded to believe.....
to be free.....
you, too, huh? :)


you write like a butterfly would
if she could
every word a symphony
an eclectic instrument not yet discovered....
a song....
that she would sing if she could....

and the curtain never falls.....

Peace~love my friends
butterflies are free....

Lyrically speaking said...

So true, butterflies hate to be tied down, lovely piece...most enjoyed

singleton said...'re so right about the butterflies. Our friend, Maithri from The Soaring Impulse wrote a poignant story from his childhood, about his enchantment with butterflies and being gifted with a butterfly net....and finally capturing one....
it was heartwrenching and soul waking, his childhood revelation....
that once captured, he'd wounded their souls by taking their wings....
butterflies are free.....
and their very freedom, is their gift to us!


No said...

Beautiful.....this brightens my day...Love is my downfall, and you give some peace...thanks again!

singleton said...

No.....ahhh, sweetie, it's mine too! I'm a hopeless believer!


eric1313 said...

I loved it so much I couldn't even comment.

The poems are so great when they go with one of the girls like this.

And how could we not notice how free a butterfly is?

singleton said...

I saw the most amazing thing yesterday,
The butterfly prince.....
there in the bouganvilla, the miles of dripping blooms,
he danced door to door,
fuscia house to house,
dressed in his
pin striped suit.....

a huge
black and traffic yellow
zebra butterfly.....

Doing Jimi Hendrix Ballet...