Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Marathon, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

The Marathon
(c) Singleton 2007

on the vinyl sea
belly to the sun
riveted to
the moment
I drift
eyes closed
and then open to
the rains
and remember
the running
faster and faster
out of breath
and time
and a
place to hide.

I tether myself to
a pretendy bendy kind of peace
and the trinkety tide
the wind
and pushes
to the edge.

I wait
to be lifted......

Ink, colored markers, pencils, and peace on a found piece of cardboard too big to scan


eric1313 said...
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eric1313 said...

You have really outdone yourself with this lady.

She's floating on dreams...

You made her that way.

Free, for today
and likewise forever

I'd ask her to stay
And she'd smile and say:

I'm the coolest of breezes
flying higher than never.
Join me, my friend,
but just you remember--
your heart to keep light
as magical feathers;
a whisper of love,
a pearl-strand of forevers.

eric1313 said...

This poem and painting/drawing are so good. I like this style. Digging back through the archives, it's just amazing the things you've created, and all just for peace. Yours, and now ours.

Clink! Tink!

david mcmahon said...

Wonderful - I can just hear Lennon and McCartney singing it ....

singleton said...

Eric....Chey handed me this piece of cardboard on Friday morning at work...."You can use it for your Halloween costume or something"...
before I left the office, this one had been scribbled out while watching the clock....waiting to be Friday Free! I drew her up and down and sideways, my mind flitting back and forth between
Now that it's Monday again, I might just flip the image, and set
her off running again!

David....Not Jimi Hendrix, huh? Just kidding! It's Monday, and I'm so glad you brought them up, gonna pop in Beatles for the morning commute! Cheers!

eric1313 said...

Well, she's just as cool laying around waiting on friday and Jimi to fly by in his dragonfly, or for the Walrus to sing coo-coo-ca-choo...

drips of paint said...

Ohhh...the color is just unbeatable, such gorgeous explosive colors juxtapose into vibrant calm ... I do love the way you handle your color...if I use it in my painting I'll sure get a garish mess but yours are peacefully attractive.

singleton said...

It's Wednesday, I'm just laying around waiting on friday and Jimi to fly by.......and whisk me off my feet (concrete boot and all) ...

drips....ahhh, you're so sweet. "Garish"....actually my critics have used that word before....your paintings are so warm you can feel the heartbeat....hear their thoughts....mine are just still-frame shots of my mind on fire. And apparently, I dream in color!

Peace~love, my boys!