Monday, October 01, 2007

The Whisperer, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

The Whisperer
(c) Singleton 2007

He didn't hear her coming
after the airplane crashed
white noise
and he didn't hear her going
banging his gears
eyes darting
on empty
neon traffic cones,
dead witches rising
from the blacktop.

But in the quiet,
she whispers to him
and it all
Mother Sun rising
a feather
dipped in
indigo henna ink

And then he
what he


singleton said... me, when you get a chance....want to stay in touch with you and yours! peace, love, and hellos

eric1313 said...

An indian princess
the only one ever
with golden-rod hair
and blue saphire eyes

smoke rings--snaking
the river--forking
her lips--tisting
my spirit--rising

the feather says:
now dance, the fire
now dance, the rain

the feather says:
blue eyes linger
like clouds over
the windswept plains

the feather says:
welcome to my own
special gust--float
with me to the river

She smiles in peace
her feather drifts
floats, bobs, sways
and my spirit follows
every step of my
captivating Pocahontas;
the river flies
a crow flows
the grass shines
and the sun, her love

lotusblossoms51 said...

...O your such a tease!!! I love her~ Who wouldn't... Yes sweetie I will E U sooo much going on up in here...death, life and everything inbetween. I will always stay in touch with my sweet soul sistas~ Just cuz you can't hear me see me, I do still exist in the real world... not to imply THIS WORLD isn't real. We are connected on a higher level. I have been peeking in on both you and Paige~ I do send my loveing vibes always your way. I see you girls have been growing and learning much~ So many times I wanted to write but I had so little time. I know you will always draw and be here and that IS so comforting~ Soon we will connect again for that you can be sure~ I see Eric is a new friend and also feels the connection with you and Skinny~ He is a beautiful soul also... xo

lotusblossoms51 said...

OOOOOOOOui gives me chills n makes my heart beat faster... what beautiful words!

Maithri said...

I love this poem dear Singleton,

I always get the sense that your Whisperings rise up from a place beyond words - a place where there is only the truth, only love.

Love, M.

singleton said...

"the river flies
a crow flows
the grass shines
and the sun, her love

I love the words the wind brings to you
and the way
they tumbleweed

And the way, you always know......

C.....Oh, I've always known you were here, I can feel you girl, and know, in the quiet, those are words that can wait until theres time and space to share.....It's been a whirlwind hurricane mudslide year.....the circle becomes a himalaya ride...and we're caught off guard. I wish you peace and love and health, and knowing, yes, we're here. Much love, my friend, keeper of so much.

maithri....Thank you. I don't know what my whisperings do, but I sometimes sense the wind catches them.....and carries them on butterfly wings....And maybe that's because so many times, I'm tapped on the shoulder by a shadow, kissed on the cheek by a dragonfly, tripped by a heart shaped rock....and listen....
that someone is whispering to me....
just loud enough for me to feel them.....

In my world, I call that Tink!....the magic of being touched by someone's thoughts....
the whispered presence of them speaking ....

Much love, my soulful friends....

eric1313 said...


singleton said...


lotusblossoms51 said...

my computor crashed trying to fix it eek! I'm at a net connection place right now to pay my bills... Hopefully gonna fix the problem by tonite hahahah! I'll email you when it's fixed... Might just get a laptop tonight? Better off getting a lapdance! Ha LOL!!! Love you~ C...

singleton said...

C- OMG, sister girl, Mine was struck by lightening TWICE this year! Did I take it as an omen? Kind maybe I was just "meant" to meet the boys at the Comuter Store or "Larry the Cable Guy"! Crash on, sweet girl, meet ya round the next bend!

eric1313 said...

You know?
justgivemepeace should have the 'castles made of sand' picture as it's little avatar.

Or use the picture of the girl you sent to me, Justgivemepeace.

That would be a sight everyone loves to see...

singleton said...

Eric....Of course Just Give Me Peace should have justgivemepeace....Clink! You're the bomb!

drips of paint said...

I come to read your poem and I sing with your word ... what they say I do not know but i sing with them .... more comfortable everytime more and more..... the lady you painted so much is always so refreshing

....and then he remember what he can't forget

singleton said...

Drips....If you are singing....then you're remembering.....and maybe, after all, you do know what the words are saying.....

Paint the world in colors never

KaiBlueCreations said...

your blog and art are groovin' my existence today. :)
PEace, Kai

singleton said...

Kai....that is so cool.....

Welcome to The Peace

Lyrically speaking said...

This sounds almost like a the artwork too

singleton said...

It felt like a movie, too...
And If I could afford it, i'd buy another ticket,
and live it again....