Sunday, September 16, 2007

Telephone lines....Singleton 2007 Outsider Hippie Art, Just Give me Peace

(c)Singleton 2007

I'm twirling the make believe
curly que cord in my hand,
my hair
and matted
and bed-headed after
hearing you breathe

And we hang up
in "say the words"
I don't even listen,
don't want to know,
don't even want to hear them again,
Just want to find
the words like a chantra
I know you'll never forget

And I
don't want
wreck what I remember,
you remember,
we remember,
with what if's and could'ves and
unlimited minutes of

In the early morning hours,
I welcome the dial tone......


eric1313 said...

Damn! That was a great poem!

You blow me away with you curly cue cord twirling. And the drawing is beautiful, jeweled arm bands and all. She's pretty, with her sad eyes and blonde wisps.

"In the end... she wore peace"

eric1313 said...

"In the early morning hours
I welcomed the dial tone"

Love every line of this.

singleton said...

And I did.
Peace~love my friend

drips of paint said...

unlimited minutes of fairytales ... I come to your blog for that, thanks.

This painting seems to be so much warmer in color then the others ... it feel different


singleton said...

drips...she is different. She isn't foo-fooed up, there are no magical trinkets floating in the air, no "find the hidden meanings"'s just her. And the naked truth, I guess. Honestly, I don't feel all that peaceful with her, staring up at me, at the top of the stack.....and for days now, the faces on the clipboard have been blank and I can't bring them to life. I just keep flipping to the next blank page.....and starting all over again. Maybe it's the time change, darker earlier at night and later in the morning, maybe it's the moon, maybe its just whats meant to be....
peace, my friend.....
and fairytales when we can find them.....

Anonymous said...

I hear you breathe in my sleep. Milwaukee was Nice.

singleton said...

the steady rain of echoes on a tin roof....