Sunday, September 02, 2007

On the Fly, Singleton 2007 Outsider Art

(c) Singleton 2007

On the Himalaya
holding on
to hands

over and over again
on a
cardboard ticket stub
until we're spent

and the only
thing left
is an empty pocket
and the sultry
being on the fly

Colored markers, pencils, Ink, and all that hoo-hah on Card Stock


lotusblossoms51 said...

Sometimes it's good to be On the Fly! Living on the edge by the seat of you pants...dodging lifes bullets! Being spontaneous! Good for the soul. It's crazy but yet you hear a lil'voice in your minds eye, that gut feelin and somehow you know everythings gonna be alright... Your spirit guides you~

singleton said...

C....Oh you are so right, the shorter life gets, the better we should live it....on the fly, baby! Laughing, loving, and yup, sometimes even daring! And the spirits do guide, don't they?
Peace~love sweet girl!

Cindy said...

Singleton~I am visiting your blog for the first time....your artwork is lovely--it is beautiful! amazing. Thank you for dropping in to visit mine so I could be delighted by your work!

singleton said...

Cindy...Thank you. Had to stop by and say hi when I found you at SandraK's.....that woman is amazing!
Welcome to Our World

Cindy said...

Yes, Sandra is amazing. I just love her. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out.

Do drop by my blog site occasionally. From what I understand, I need lots of visitors as a platform for my book--the nicest surprise though, is how much I enjoy blogging meeting new people on it! I find myself thinking about all sorts of things to add to the site--once I figure out exactly HOW to do that....
Peace~love right back to you

eric1313 said...

This is amazing.

I love every intoxicating detail,

every word waiting to be said,
waiting for no reason, really,
maybe just to catch a breath
so they can be said.

waiting to be blown away...

on the right gust of wind
toward the only ear they'ed ever
want to have hear their precious
sigh of vertigo delerium

waiting only for lights to go out
and the music to fall down low

so its earthbound fog rolls
gently around us when we land

when every word
will have company;
until company
nolonger needs
to be heard,



singleton said...

cindy....well, I don't know exactly yet what the platform for your book is,and I'll be so interested to follow this from the get go. Along the way you'll meet a lot of souls...some strolling...some lurking...some kind, and some not quite so....and some that your life may very well become intertwined with. Folks on the street, have no idea the kindred bond that tethers likened souls together in this little blogland....I've been blessed in life and here, on these pages, and at thehippieparade to make lifelong friends.... I hope the same comes true for you and the circle grows and grows and grows....
peace~love and new roads for you to travel.....


"on the right gust of wind
toward the only ear they'ed ever
want to have hear their precious
sigh of vertigo delerium"

vertigo delerium......Unbelievable!
And if I could draw in one swift
I could see her
but she's

peace~love my prophetic, poetic, soulful friend

eric1313 said...

woo-hoo, vertigo delerium is yours, then.

Color her like the sunlight
turning rain
into paint

and somewhere it is said...
a pot of gold
you're lucky

singleton said...

watch for colors!

drips of paint said...

She looks so much like you ... and probably is you.

Your sense of color always fit together so well ... much detail always in your work yet never obstructing the view .....

although my sense & understanding of poem, words and verse are so inadequte but reading the comments are always enligthening

singleton said...'s funny, their faces, expressions, stories are always different and yet the same....skinny and I are forever claiming them as look-alikes of ourselves, and yet probably, they are more just feel-alikes.....
and the stories go on.....
Thank you, sweet friend

eric1313 said...

Oh yeah, baby! I totally forgot about Vertigo Delirium.

That one's going in the drafts right now.

Clink! x20

singleton said...

clinkity tinkity tink! What treasures we've left laying around on the porch floors!