Saturday, August 19, 2006

Scream Catcher, Singleton

Scream Catcher
Outsider Hippie Art
(c) Singleton 2006

SOLD to The Keeper of My Thoughts

This little night time waif is all over the place, snatching up the scary stuff so only the good seeps through. It's an exhausting, never-ending bit of magic, sifting through everyday horrors, night frights, things that make you crazy, that break your heart, that scare the hell out of you, and trying to find the good. But she does. And in the end, dreams win.

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SAS said...

Usually I cling to my pieces, comtemplate leaving them to live on my kitchen table under stacks of bills and swirls of cat hair or tucked safely and crumpled in an obsolete drawer with left over socks and 2nd grade awards,And then I let them fly...send them to Paiger and pray they land in good homes, but this baby, I have to say, is welcome to take her magic elsewhere. Not that i don't need her. To stifle the noise. The gutwrenching noise of fear, dread, things that go bump in the night. But I'm tired. And I just want peace. And for once, I wished, I didn't NEED a SCREAM CATCHER!