Saturday, September 13, 2008

Peace and Dragonflies, Singleton Hippie Art

Peace and Dragonflies
(c) Singleton 2008

Wings fluttering,
parading through the sky
translucent petticoats,
a chorus of
make-believe blues,
scooching into
make the circle...
and then
curtsy to
the wind...

Ballet for the sky....

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skinnylittleblonde said...

peace signs, beer caps, dragonflies & cigar, reminds me of my childhood!

singleton said...

skinny....And tadpoles, marbles, and sidewalk chalk! ILYSVVM!

Maithri said...

I never really saw
the magic
in a dragonfly
until I started

And now
I cant
see them
as anything

Love to you dearest friend,

You are the gift,


singleton said...

Sweet Maithri.....
The river here gifts us with the most gorgeous acqua and sea~sky~blue dragonflies and then
for hours and hours and hours
a few week-ends ago,
I watched the most spectatcular
in my own backyard....
He in a coat of reds and
she in Cinderella gold....

I must have tried 100 times to catch them on film,
but much like your childhood
butterfly net....
it wouldn't have been fair
to capture them,
even in still life....
suspended in time....

Their gift to me was
in the moment,
the memory....
the magic....

Much love, sweet friend,
and peace....
Lay it on us, baby!

Todd said...

ballet in the sky . . . perfection!
todd in santa fe

i beati said...

transluscent petticoats - how perfect and a bit different - trying to make my Christmas

singleton said...

I know you know....I see it in your beautiful works...peace is a sometimes elusive gift, and often, in the very midst of chaos, it show it's face in the gift of the moment....
a butterfly dance,
a rising sun,
laughter over the fencelines...
Reminding us....
to believe!
Peace~love, we gotta keep spreading the message....

Ibeati....Girl, I know you've seen those very same petticoats....fluttering by! It was amazing...On stage, live, in my very own sky! Peace, love sweet friend


Waiting at a red light this very morning,,
one flitted by my windshield,,traveling south.
Light turned green,,I started to go,,,but had to wait,,,,here she came back,,,traveling north, right back across my windshield.
She brought her friend,,,beautiful, yellow flutterbys.
I thought of you, smiled,,,,and waved to the guy in my rear view as he honked me on my way.
I'm sorry he didn't have time to see them.

singleton said...

Babs...and yet he did see them. Because, and I truly truly believe this, if you hadn't stalled for just a moment, a second mesmerized, long enough for him to bop his horn, his life might have changed forever....the butterfly effect~
Peace~love my friend, they came to visit you today!