Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Invitation, Singleton 2008 Outsider Hippie Art

The Invitation
(c) Singleton 2008
Family Collection

Elbows on the bar,
black beer coddled,
a mosquito pond
at his fingertips....
He sat,
sipping the same
old nightime magic,
on change
to come
slipping through
the roadside doors.

He wasn't expecting
the butterfly,
lost by fate,
flitting in and flitting out,
just long enough to
brush him,
rush him...

And in in the days
and nights that followed,
he watched for her,
left the doors open,
the windows wide,
eyes waiting....
Peace is a passion dance
and she had whispered
without words,
the invitation that
was always there...

"Come Dance with Me....."


i beati said...

my friends who were together since childhood - were separated this week. this is so like them -

DeLi said...

ah, the dance of in Singleton! count me...

Maithri said...

You make me swoon,

These words so perfect
so sublime

that come to me
on the zephyrs of morning
in the salty hands
of the ocean
in the warm breath of
the mystery...

I look around me and

the air is filled with
yellow wings.

The world is new
I am free again...

such is the power of your song

Passionate peace to you beloved friend, M

You make me feel like dancing,
like dreaming
like becoming a merman
to be closer to your

skinnylittleblonde said...

peace rocks sister! keeper! shes whispered to you!

singleton said...

Blogger wiped out my response. And I'm suddenly not sure how to reword it.
Peace is passion and sometimes
it dances to a different drummer,
plays the saxophone
or harmonica
in the wind,
and sometimes
in the wind,
it changes paths....
Wishing your friends peace
and the strength to remember
that love is what brought them
and sometimes,
it is the very thing that
blesses us with wings....

Deli...I'm with you, put the right foot in....And twirl me all around.....

I wake up to darkness,
the alarm clark clankin'
yelpin' out a new day,
deja vue of
or today,
everything we dream it to be...
and that's the dance...
over and over again,
the belief.....
that now,
will be the change....
And that's what God made yellow butterflies for....

The belief....

Sweet SLB....And every keeper I've ever had, loved, touched, had wings.....
and I whispered them so....

Peace~love my friends

DeLi said...

i have two left, will that be a problem S? but im so willing to learn....


skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh sister-love...whisper me so... & if she's not flown the coop, can she make it to me?

singleton said...

Deli...Ah, sweet one, in peace, the music calls, and it doesn't matter if we move to the right, the left, up down, all around, just that we dance to the music...hear the voice....Share the dream!

SweetSLB....She's yours,Love. With Love.


Whisper us all so, Sing!
(and thank you in advance)

I'm searching for the elusive yellow wings
on this dreary, icy, worn out gray day.

singleton said...

Babs....On dreary, worn out days, our wings are dreams.....and they dance with the promise of the coming sun....yellow kites rolled up for the winter, waiting for the perfect moment to unviel themselves,
waiting for just
the right
to fly again.....

Wishing you peace and skies that flirt,
if for just one moment,
with the colors
pink or blue.....