Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Tornado, Singleton, 2008 Outsider Hippie Art

The Tornado
(c) Singleton 2008

Black and white
funnel cloud,
leather studs
and the sound of
a train
touching down,
picking up,
scattering words
out of order
and upside down,
on their sides,
empty coffee cups
rolling in the street.

But I'm the puzzle,
aren't I?

And I gather
Sunday trinkets,
Friday lines,
and the tattered wings
of spent tornados
in a collection plate,
take them home
and glue them back together....

Colored markers, pencils, ink and all that hoo-hah on Cardstock



'Trinkets of spent tornadoes in a collection plate, glued back together'. Love that, have glued a many.

Not to mention the very freaky reality tornadoes we get here.I used to not get too worked up over them, until I met up with an F-5 one May afternoon.
"Ladies and gentlemen, nothing above ground is withstanding this mile wide, on the ground tornado.
Seek underground shelter immediately"

Those words are etched in my mind forever! (And there ARE no basements here!)

Maithri said...

'And I gather
Sunday trinkets,
Friday lines,
and the tattered wings
of spent tornados
in a collection plate,
take them home
and glue them back together....'

Hallelujah! Love has spoken.

Sending you love and shelter from the storm,


singleton said...

Babs....Isn't it so true, that we have to make treasures from foolsgold? Dreams from paper airplanes? And sometimes, in the rubbish, the aftermath, the leftovers, we find what was important after all....
all that is left...
Each other....

The wrath of a tornado's path is one of Mother Nature's mightiest, strongest, reminders that life is a gift. We have to live it. Love. And remember......

And your words
are confetti,
freckles of sunshine
on any given day...
Love speaks.....

Peace~love my friends
Wishing you Sunday trinkets

DeLi said...

i have a beautiful coolection of sunday photo trinkets walks gave me a pause to reflect and appreciate life before my eyes despite the many weaknesses im falling to lately :)

i beati said...

smiling at the truth of it - thanks

singleton said...

Deli...You filled your Sunday collection plate, I was in awe....and magically, turned your day into a gift for everyone who wanders there! Thank you for sharing....and weaknesses after all, are what make us real....and isn't that where strength is born?


Peace~love sweet girls
May our days be blessed

DeLi said...

Thank you S for the words,i just so feel that yesterday when what i call weakness became my sordid piece of joy and as i go along, i knew that little pains will make me wiser....

singleton said...

Deli...Somedays I would trade every ounce of wisdom ever earned for peace....And then I remember that it was the chaos, the commotion, the heartache, that made me fall in love with peace in the first place....It's a long road to go, but as Maithri would say, it's "the only broken road worth following".....Wishing you peace, sweetie and joy from all the accidental turns, the surprises not expected, the sun....which always rises....

peace~love my friend