Sunday, December 09, 2007

All I want for Christmas, Singleton Outsider Hippie Art

All I want for Christmas
(c) Singleton 2007
She whispered to
the wind,
who always listens,
to the painted fence,
a wooden confidant,
the bouganvilla,
with it's drunken
cups filled overflowing,
moonshine for the souls
of butterflies...

"All I want for Christmas,
are trinket twigs
to build this nest,
this next,
this everything to come,
and stones
to line the
skipping path,
rock and roll
me home....

All I want for Christmas
is a little
taste of peace....
a little
for my soul....

And the butterfly
by tipping his cup,
and spilling
glittered wine
in the wind.....

Colored pencils, markers, ink and accidental cat hair on 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock


Maithri said...

At the risk
of being
the broken
same track
all day

This enraptures my spirit,
Soothes the ache within the ache,
Takes a chisel to my chains,

Thank you dear poet

for all that you are
for bringing
the mystery
a little closer
our hearts

Love, M

singleton said...


I'm still enraptured
amazed at
the butterfly
visiting in his pinstriped suit....
I was on the porch,
sitting in a sea of hand-me-down and found treasures,
creating Christmas from scraps,
and daydreaming,
probably out loud
(Because I talk to myself)
when he came strutting onto the stage....
I truly have never ever seen
a butterfly
like him....

I knew then
the heavens spoke....

phaseoutgirl said...

Hi Singleton,

It has been a while since my last visit... it is always good to park here a bit, look at your paintings and read your work... a little oasis of peace...


Maithri said...


Yesterday I went to
Whiskey bay
Its my place
the place where i go
when i want to be intoxicated by life
and to sing my song to the universe

There I hold the love wet hands of God
and she tells me to leave my burdens somwhere in between the rocks,
to drop my titles inside an old crab shell, my supposed to be's in the winding footprints of the gulls.

When I was little someone told me to buy a 'blue heaven'
milkshake - well i imagined that it
was the colour of the water at Whisky bay. It wasnt.

Well, my friend, I was the only one there

Like most days I go.

Paradise is too far for most city folk to travel.

And I was standing facing the wide
jewelled ocean with the sun kissing me the way it likes to do

Just Listening to the wind
as it spoke my name

When suddenly....

And i wouldnt believe it if i didnt see it myself,

I saw something flying at me from the open seas...

It was a butterfly.

A satin winged angel.
Born in the heart of the ocean.

And a million thoughts flew
through my head, mermaids and butterflies, and combat boots and Swazi tapestries made out of bubble gum wrappers.

And I knew

the world was one.

Love to you my dear friend,


singleton said...

Oh Phaseout....It has been a long time, and I apologize for not visiting like I used to....Life for all, has been cuckoo this 2007, and I think we've all been hangin' close to home....So nice to hear from you, Happy holidays and peace, my friend....

singleton said...


I so very much so needed this....
to hear an echo....
to know that
I'm not the only one...
who sees....

"I saw something flying at me from the open seas...

It was a butterfly.

A satin winged angel.
Born in the heart of the ocean.
And I knew

the world was one."

Thank you friend, for going to Whiskey Bay,
for following your soul
to the place where
you are free....

Where the angels talk.....

And coming back to shore
to send a paper boat,
a message in a bottle,
a mermaid's tale my way.....

I believe......

singleton said...

And Skinny saw a falling star,
fireworks in the sky...
a kissing
a mystical magical light show in the sky....
and all for free....

DeLi said...

all i want for chirstmas is "love" and just being with the nature

Maithri said...

Fire falling from the sky,
Butterflies born
in the ocean...

And today it is raining

in the
middle of the drought

drops of liquid love
on summer roses

The tides are turning

I believe.

Love to you, M

singleton said...

deli....May all your Christmas dreams come true....
peace~love my friend,
and all the magic
this little earth
has to offer!

the tides are turning,
I feel them
contemplating change

Or the resurrection
of long lost treasure
washed back,
worn by tidal hugs,
salty years

I believe....

Sandy Kessler said...

All I want for Christmas is to hear my little Mara Grace whisper"It's our secret Grandy, o. k "

singleton said...

Awwwww, I hope your every Christmas dream comes true, Grandy! Bless you and your little Mara Grace!

eric1313 said...
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eric1313 said...

It's part of the season
goes with the territory
snow falls in the north
the yellow fire sun dips
low to the south

Nothing is what it seems
everything is in the cards
in the defiant stars,
it's falling
from out of the yellow fire

It's part of this season
part of this circle
part of this life

All we need
is a lover's breath
on our body
so close as to smell
each other's soul

All we need is love
and a warm place
to spend the night

It goes with the territory
especially right here...
It's a part of all seasons

singleton said...

my poetic, prophetic friend, so funny that you would
the seasons in a
butterfly net
and know
that now more
than ever...
"it goes with the territory
especially right here...
It's a part of all seasons

And that my friend,
is glittered wine
in the wind....

A harp....

DeLi said...

just passing by once more. i love the lyrical exchange of yours and Maithri.

a very happy holidays. peace and joy and love

sean said...

That's what I'm talking about- great stuff- I love it.
man you canroll them off your tongue.
Happy Isthmas, and a happy new year;-)

Justgivemepeace said...

deli....Ah, sweet girl, wishing you the Merriest, and for us all, a moment of blessed Peace. That Maithri is a beautiful soul, his words and wisdom a gift to all. Peace and Love!

Sean...Ahhh,Thank you! And now, for us all, Ta!Dah! A wonderful Holiday, a wide open window into the bright shiney, "lets hope it's a good one, New Year!
Peace~love my friend