Sunday, December 23, 2007

And there will be peace, Singleton 2007 Outsider hippie art

And there will be Peace
(c) Singleton 2007

The hawk hovered
papercutting the sky
into a zillion little
pieces of
baby blue
indigo blue
forgotten blue

Into the moonlit and henna dirty

And I watched my reflection there....

On the sky to sink
a thousand 501 blues
in jagged little pieces
to the very bottom,
and fading...

And for the sun to rise....
to reach with her long dangly arms
and pluck
blue diamonds from
the earth,
quilt them together into the satin sheeted sky
of a new day,
my day,
this day.....

waiting for the winds to blow....

Colored pencils, markers, ink and all that hoo~hah on 81/2 by 11 card stock


eric1313 said...

An Erstwhile Sky
--a gift from
E1313 to Singleton
(pass the trash, right?)

The winds will blow
and the sky will turn
from ash of dead fires
to the blue of your soul
and true
as the new day's blush,
the pageantry in this view,
of an erstwhile sky...

The winds will blow
and the sky will be purged,
the darkness of the night
before the lightness
of the coming dawn
filling me with your laugh
filling me with your peace
laying me down still to lie
laying me down in the grass
of this valley
below a new blue--
an erstwhile sky...

Feel that? (you do..)

It's love and desire,
waiting on the winds...

And the new day you promise
by the light in your eyes,
light that grows strong
from love to love
wind to wind,
the blushed shades
of a new dawn
rising up high...

as a newborn blue star

as an erstwhile sky


As you would say, Ta! Dah!

Magic from one friend to another on a very, very merry Christmas.

p&l and a new day shines on...

singleton said...

Eric....."and a new day shines on"
and on
and on.....
And now we're in a circle,
on and on and on.....

Peace and Love my friend, your words have been
gifts all along,
sprinkling pixie dust,
casting spells......

Merry Christmas Friend,
May it Rock!

sean said...

in turbulent Indigo
a crow black
and ragged blew
as in this solid world
my soul
flies from me to you
By: sean

singleton said...

And ebony time falls
a blackened nightgown from moonlit shoulders,
and a world away
on the other side of
the sun rises,
and I see
the face of your soul
standing alone
at the edge of eternity
ever so quietly in to the sky

"Goodmorning, sunshine....."

The Butterfly Bar said...

...and a happy new year to you!

Maybe not tonight, but it's coming fast. You better catch it, my friend.

Peace and love, my friend.

singleton said...

the days are
one arm, one leg at a time,
one eye opened, two
The bright new World
of another year,

Peace~love my friend
Happy New Year for all the year....

Maithri said...

You are a genius and this poem is testament to that fact.

It is spectacular,

I am in awe of you.

Of your light,

Much love always, M

singleton said...

You are the light, my friend,
May your quiet tidings
find wings
and your words become
an echo
whispered from mountain to highrise,
valley to highway....

until change comes

and a chain of love is born.....

Lyrically speaking said...

Nothing more is needed but peace. Nice poem. By the way Happy New Year!! Wish you much blessings and good health

singleton said...

lyrically....Much cheer for you too, A New Year blessed.....Let there be peace and the rest will come! :)